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Linda was by far the biggest help and better than we could have ever imagined. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and professional night nurse.

The Scott family from Newmarket

From the first night, Linda was very professional and, most importantly, she was really good with our baby. She was always willing to share tips and resources regarding sleep. We really got the sense that she loves what she does and it really showed with how she took care of our baby. All of us were able to get better sleeps – we will miss her!

The Levy family – Toronto

I absolutely loved the timely response I received when I had issues with the pump. Aislinn went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!

Bahiny from Markham

Prompt Delivery on a Friday afternoon. Very informative demo and comforting in a time of distress!

Private family – Toronto

We had a great delivery from Aislinn who was warm, knowledgeable and helpful. This is an incredibly convenient service for parents with newborns and especially new parents who are looking for a thorough explanation of the products while saving their time which is quite precious in those early weeks 🙂 completely recommend this service and Aislinn!

The Khan family – Toronto

I am highly satisfied with the services of the Baby Driver. Pump information was provided so promptly. It was delivered to me the same day I requested. Staff is well informed and very friendly.

The Vig family – Toronto

Aislinn was a tremendous help in making me feel comfortable with using a new pump and how I could incorporate pumping into my life with a 5 month old. She made me feel empowered!

Janet from Toronto

I am so thankful for the in-home help and care received for both myself and my daughter! The New Mummy Company’s assistance helped make the first few months with a newborn much less overwhelming. Thank you!

Alexandra from Calgary

Flo was absolutely amazing with our twin boys! It was wonderful to be able to get a good nights rest knowing that they were in good hands.

Julie from Calgary

Marla did an amazing job in teaching infant CPR in our home! She is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and this service!

Meghan from Toronto

Flo worked for us and our newborn twins for a few nights when they were between about 7 and 11 weeks old and she was amazing. She is calm, competent and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other parents. Our twin boys both had colic/reflux and are hard hard work! They screamed pretty much most of the night and slept for about 40 mins at a time. I have no idea what Flo, did but the first night she came over they slept for several hours at a time in their bassinets! She is the baby whisperer! They have been getting better ever since but she always seems to make an improvement each time she comes. Babies love her calm demeanour!! I would particularly recommend her to parents of multiples! We finally got some much needed sleep! Thank you Flo 🙂

The Ellis family – Calgary

Selma conducted a very professional program and also made us feel at ease. She made learning fun but made sure we knew what we were supposed to know. Allowing us to talk about some real examples helped with committing the information to memory and our ability to recall. She kept the training going at a perfect pace so we didn’t go over the time allotted. I would recommend Selma and The New Mummy team to anyone, anytime. Thanks again!

The Maison Apothecare team

It is a great pleasure working with your company! Our OT, Dima, is absolutely amazing. Clearly comes with a lot of experience and understanding. As challenging as our child is, Dima is always very patient and non-judgmental.
Dima is helping our son who is very sensitive to different food textures (to eat and even touch). After 3 months our son, who used to freak just from having a piece of bread or apple in front of him, is playing with any type of food we offer. We still have a lot of work to do, but we no longer feel hopeless! Thank you so much guys!

Anna from Toronto

First and foremost, Jenny treated our daughter like she was her own. Secondly, we loved her willingness to spend time and talk us through any tough situation that we may have encountered.

Johnny & Beatrix from Toronto