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Christine came to us to replace our nanny while she took an extended holiday. From the moment she arrived, I felt like I had made a new friend. She was always providing me with information about classes and activities to enrich our baby’s first few months and had many helpful suggestions on care and routine. She also went above and beyond in helping me properly organize the nursery and make my household run smoothly. Baby was always first and given 100% attention and loving care. Christine’s knowledge of early childhood education was invaluable as was her knowledge of resources in the city.

The Brabazon family, Toronto

Stephanie came into our home to help us with our newborn. As older first time parents with no moms to guide us, Stephanie was not only an excellent nighttime caregiver but also a tremendous source of knowledge and guidance. Her easy, friendly, and caring manner was a delight and her care and rapport with our baby was fantastic and made us feel safe and secure.

The Brabazon family – Toronto

We used Ishtar when we had trouble with our twin boys getting to bed after we switched from cribs to beds, after a few phone calls she provided us with a plan that within a week had drastically improved the lives of mom/dad & our boys. We now actually enjoy bedtime and feel as though we have nice relaxing evenings. Thank you Ishtar, you have changed our lives and we are forever grateful!!

Laura & Mike from Toronto

We loved your service sooooo SOOOO much last year when we had our baby. I still think about the fabulous nurse that we had. She taught me so many skills in a few days that I didn’t think at the time that I would use long term. I have written a note to my future self as another mom or grandmother. I’ve noted the tools I learned and how I was feeling emotionally at the time of being a new mother. Marileen guided me in a non judgment zone and taught me skills in baby care I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Wow, I really needed her support and it was worth every single dollar!

The Zeligman family – Toronto

Christine was beyond amazing, very supportive and caring. I loved the way she handled my child and that she supported me. She’s the only person I felt comfortable leaving my baby with at this early age.

Ghaleb from Toronto

Sejal was a fantastic help, and would highly recommend her and the New Mummy Company to others. With both of us being self-employed, it gave us zero mat leave and we needed someone to look after our baby in order to continue working. Our baby loved spending time with Sejal!

Justine from Milton

We are so grateful to Ishtar for giving our family the gift of sleep. What made her special is she really took the time to understand our child’s unique temperament and our individual circumstances. This led to a very personalized solution to sleep training that was not only effective but also felt right for all of us. Thank-you Ishtar!

The Schachter family

Rose was a game changer for us. After struggling to get our daughter breastfeeding and avoiding a bottle completely, she demonstrated complete bottle refusal at 10 weeks when we tried to re introduce it. After almost three weeks of awful attempts at introducing a bottle, Rose helped us calm our daughter down and get her to take a bottle within one two hour appointment. Rose was patient, professional and so helpful with our little girl, and her taking a bottle is a life changer for our family. Thank you so much!

The Malkin Family – Toronto

Michelle is great with babies and her gentle and patient manner is much appreciated. She is knowledgeable on baby’s needs and very diligent.

The Flaemrich Family – Toronto

Linda is a truly wonderful night nanny who went above and beyond to make our entire family comfortable and happy and give us all a peaceful night’s sleep. She not only took impeccable care of our newborn, but also provided advice, brought baby items for us to try, regularly cleaned our kitchen and did laundry! I have rarely encountered such a generous and dedicated nanny. She has a kind and calming demeanor, and it was such a relief when Linda came to our house for the night. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all families looking for complete peace of mind for the night!

The Vogel Family – Toronto

Lu was very caring and provided excellent teaching and advice for a new mom to care for her premature infant.

The Jones Family – Toronto

Home class was extremely convienent for our needs- especially as we have a 21mos old and another baby on the way. Selma was patient and very accommodating with our little one wanting to hang out for the class. We didn’t have anyone to watch her so she had to stay with us during our session. Really put my mind at ease and we learned a lot!!

The Balclao family from Toronto

Ishtar was lovely to work with – very understanding and supportive. We appreciated how much she listened to us and adapted her plan to suit our family. Thank you!

Summers-Sinclair Family from Toronto

My husband and I haven’t slept in a year, we knew we had to sleep train our daughter but dreaded doing it since our first attempt resulted in a whole lot crying! We were sure nothing will work. The New Mummy Company was our last effort to get some sleep, but we made sure not to have high hopes so we won’t get disappointed. We spoke to Ishtar, a gift to mothers everywhere, she was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was doing.. and she knew exactly the character type of our daughter, which also helped us understand her more. She provided amazing support through the entire process and was always available when needed! The best part was that I knew we were in the hands of a professional. The training took three nights, but we got a solid 12 hour night from the second night! It’s pure magic!

Hana from Jordan