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Soraya is an exceptional person and nanny. She is sweet tempered, super patient and careful with our baby and 6 year old and couldn’t be a nicer person over all. We all fell in love with her and are so so sorry to have had to part ways with her because we’re going back to Los Angeles. Anyone working with Soraya is very lucky and should feel 100% safe knowing their children are well cared for.

Milla Jovovich from Los Angeles

Christine was such a blessing as I had found myself feeling helpless trying to care for a newborn colicky baby and a 3 year old. She was helpful and suggestive, without being pushy or judgmental. Once we found a routine and schedule that worked for us, she gladly followed it without hesitation. She gave my 3 year old the attention she needed and introduced new ways for her to get involved with our newborn daughter that made her feel included and helpful. It allowed me the time to care for myself, while also providing both of our children the time and care that they deserved. I am thankful to the New Mummy Company for the quick service in matching and sending someone to help us at a time when I needed help the most!

The Smoak family – Toronto

We absolutely loved this class, we now feel much more prepared for our 1st baby to arrive in a few short weeks. Thank you Emma for going above and beyond, and providing the content in a way that was educational but also engaging.

The Beaton Family from Oakville

Loved dealing with the agency and am so happy they connected us with Nerisa. Nerisa was a fabulous night nurse who helped us for the first six weeks of our son’s life. She communicated with us very well, was always on time and had a calm and caring manner.

Caitlin from Toronto

After taking the CPR course with Selma, we are now confident we would be able to help our child in an emergency situation. We really appreciated the small class size, which allowed Selma to watch us and provide feedback. The course was concise and helpful, I will definitely be recommending it to family and friends.

The Leslie Family from Toronto

I loved the whole class – Emma is a great teacher, very engaging and funny. I felt the class was practical, easy to understand and covered the basics that I was looking for!

Stacey from Mississauga

Everything was great! It is a lot of information to take in over the prenatal course of the day so I liked that everything was direct and to the point and loved that we got to demonstrate everything with our partners.

Charline from York

It’s so nice that the nannies and doulas have already been vetted by the company before their resumes get to us- it really saves us time and stress compared to having to search from scratch on our own.

Mae from Vancouver

The whole experience was great. We had a great group of parents to be, and everyone was really interactive in Emma’s prenatal class.

Nilkani from Brampton

I enjoyed Emma’s humor and approach in teaching this class. A lot of material was covered but there was a smooth transition into each topic with plenty of opportunity for questions. Emma is clearly very knowledgeable and specialized.  I also appreciated how the information about infants was practical and sort of “back to basics” as there is alot of information online about what to do and what to buy.

Joanna from Mississauga

I enjoyed the constant feedback and communication. Louise (sleep coach) was very helpful, responsive and insightful.

Angela from Toronto

Emma was very knowledgeable and her presentation was very informative. I thought it was an excellent day! I appreciated her approach of offering data based information along with a few “Emma tips” from her own experiences.

Katie from Burlington

We couldn’t have survived our first months with triplets without Tessa’s help! She is caring, skilled, confident and takes initiative. Our boys thrived in her care and I could better manage the days after some good rest. After several months of having Tessa help us with nights, we had her to help with days. She is one of very few people who can handle our three busy boys! We are so grateful we had her support.

The Johnson family from Calgary.

As a first time parents, My husband and I found the class (prenatal education class) to be extremely helpful in providing us with the tools to prepare for the birthing process and new born at home. The class was interactive and very detailed. I highly recommend doing class during near the end of the 2nd trimester.

The parker Family from Mississauga

We had an excellent experience attending the prenatal class with The New Mummy Company! Material was very thorough and well-paced throughout the day. Our instructor, Elaine, was very knowledgeable and informative, covering all the topics and fundamentals that we had hoped for. We walked away feeling so much more prepared and at ease about entering parenthood!

Erica and Matejs from Oakville, Ontario

Victoria is a baby whisperer, she took such good care of my son since he was 2.5 months to 6 months old. He almost never fussed around Victoria and she was always able to get long naps out of him.

Shawnak’s Mom from Oakville.