Potty Training Services

Our Potty Trainer is on Maternity Leave from February 2022. Update coming in the spring.

Panicked about potty training?

We will help you get your toddler ready for potty training by:

  1. identifying potty readiness signs in your child
  2. overcoming potty objections and road blocks
  3. dealing with bowel retention
  4. getting your child to use the potty without parental reminders
  5. customizing a potty plan to suit your family’s needs and values

Potty Training Consultancy Service

What our Potty Training Package covers?

  1. your child’s temperament and developmental stage and the impact of these on potty training
  2. potty training readiness signs and determining the readiness signs your child is demonstrating
  3. potty training methods and recommendation on which method is best for your child
  4. implementation of an appropriate potty training schedule and routine that reflects the values of your family
  5. proper use of a reward system to encourage good sleep and wake habits.
  6. potty training challenges including bowel retention (if applicable)

We will guide and support you through the potty training process by helping you set realistic expectations around potty training based on your child’s age, gender and temperament. The potty program is aimed at encouraging your child to identify when he/she needs to use the potty and use the potty independent of parental reminders.

Worried About Starting Daycare?

Potty Training Packages Available!

Click Here To Book! Free 15 minute Online Zoom Consult!

Our no obligation introductory telephone consultation will allow you to discuss the issues with our potty trainer and ensure the potty training package is a good fit for you and your family.

The free consult will cover the following topics.

  • Discuss the history of the issue or behaviour
  • Build a rapport and understand if the service is a good fit for both parties
  • Understand the relationships involved
  • Discuss the next steps and timeframe

When you are comfortable to commit the Potty Training Package is $190+HST and includes the following

    • Initial consult to discuss in-depth the history and troubleshoot the issues.
    • Customized Potty Training Plan specific to your individual families needs.
    • The plan will be provided within 72 hours of initial consult
    • Follow on consult, to review progress and normally one week after the initial consultation.

Nadine was incredible! I don’t know what we would have done without her. She was supportive, informative and provided a non-judgmental/collaborative approach to helping us reaching our goal.
To any and all parents who are experiencing difficulty with potty training, I 100% recommended contacting The New Mummy Co.
Thank you once again for your help and support – Aspen from Montreal.

I absolutely loved Nadine! She was very approachable, considerate, and friendly, someone that I loved talking to. I felt comfortable asking her questions about my son’s potty-training. I also felt confident that Nadine was providing the best answers to all of the questions asked. I loved having Nadine available through email at any time, it was very convenient, a definite plus! Nadine was a wonderful person to speak with; she provided assistance at all times in regards to my son’s potty-training. She was confident, friendly, and knowledgeable; definitely someone with all of the traits that I loved having in a guide! Would highly-recommend Nadine for all of your potty-training needs, she was amazing!                                – Maria from Toronto

Nadine was extremely helpful and prompt with her responses, throughout the process. We were struggling for a long time with potty training and couldn’t move onto the next steps. Nadine helped us through it all. Now my daughter is fully potty trained, she is willing to use toilets outside and going to bed without diaper. We never thought it would all be possible without any drama. Thank you! – Meera from Toronto

Our service is only provided via zoom video conferencing or telephone. There is not currently any option to have this service in home. If you are unsure if this suits your needs please book the free 15 minute Zoom consultation to help you decide if the service can support you in the way you need it to. The 15 minute consultation is offered with no obligation to book anything further. We provide support to parents throughout Canada and Internationally based on an EST (eastern standard time zone).

The New Mummy Company is proud to be able to offer a Potty Training service to our clients in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and beyond.