Potty Training Services

Panicked about potty training?

Ishtar will help you get your toddler ready for potty training by:

  1. identifying potty readiness signs in your child
  2. overcoming potty objections and road blocks
  3. dealing with bowel retention
  4. getting your child to use the potty without parental reminders
  5. customizing a potty plan to suit your family’s needs and values
Potty training

What the consult covers?

  1. your child’s temperament and developmental stage and the impact of these on potty training
  2. potty training readiness signs and determining the readiness signs your child is demonstrating
  3. potty training methods and recommendation by Ishtar on which method is best for your child
  4. implementation of an appropriate potty training schedule and routine that reflects the values of your family
  5. proper use of a reward system to encourage good sleep and wake habits.
  6. potty training challenges including bowel retention (if applicable)

Ishtar will guide and support you through the potty training process by helping you set realistic expectations around potty training based on your child’s age, gender and temperament. The potty program is aimed at encouraging your child to identify when he/she needs to use the potty and use the potty independent of parental reminders.

How Do I Learn More About How You Can Help?

Call us today on 1-844-237-4686 to book your free no obligation 15 minute potty training consultation with Ishtar.

The introductory telephone consultation will allow both you to cover the following

  • Discuss the history of the issue or behavior
  • Build a rapport and understand if the service is a good fit for both parties
  • Understand the relationships involved
  • Discuss the next steps and timeframe

Follow on sessions will be completed over the telephone and normally run to 50-60 minutes in length, Ishtar will have discussed the timeframe and number of sessions required.

Ishtar is available to support parents throughout Canada and Internationally. The New Mummy Company is proud to be able to offer Ishtar’s service to our clients in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and beyond as this is a telephone based service.

“Ishtar’s support and services showed me what I am doing well as a parent and helped me to break down some of my parenting challenges into smaller steps so that me and my children could get focused. Ishtar provided emotional support and helped with practical strategies to help me get through the day and feel like a great parent!”

Our Professional Potty Trainer& Family Coach Ishtar, What Can I Expect?

Over the past 15 years Ishtar has worked as a counselor for new parents, their children and families. Ishtar’s compassionate, professional approach built around cognitive behaviour therapy provides proven results and comes with a long list of happy clients. Ishtar has a natural ability to listen, empathize and provide solutions and strategies to enable you to understand and cope with the challenges your family encounter.

Ishtar’s ability to understand and support parents with their developmental milestones of their children has helped build confidence in parents and provide comfort in their children’s development.

Ishtar is passionate about her profession and along with 15 years of experience working with families her education consists of.

  • Honours Psychology degree – University of Waterloo
  • Masters of Science degree in family Dynamics and Child Development – University of Guelph
  • Member of OACCPP


“Ishtar has a very well developed knowledge of children’s early development and milestones. She helped me teach my child several skills such as toilet training and utilizing picture schedules to assist with the morning routine. In addition, she did it with humour and compassion.”