Medela & Ameda Breast Pump Rental – Free Delivery

Free delivery and pickup within Toronto & wider GTA

  1. Convenient – We deliver and pick up the pump from your home in the wider GTA area
  2. Aislinn our Medela & Ameda trained Midwife will deliver and show you how get the best out of the pump
  3. We are newborn experts! Babies are our business!
  4. We can deliver all the essential breastfeeding products when dropping off the pump
  5. Aislinn will be available to support you with the pump and answer any questions you may have
  6. We have a team of Lactation Consultants on hand to help with any breastfeeding issues
  7. Get one month free rental if you book for 6 months up front. Saving $85 to $120 !

Double Breast Pump Monthly rental starts at $85. Call us today on 1-844-237-4686 to book your FREE delivery!

We are excited to announce that The New Mummy Company is now delivering hospital grade breast pumps direct to you throughout the wider GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and Kitchener & Waterloo with our The Baby Driver service.

As well as having the convenience of the free delivery & pick up service our Midwife Aislinn will show you how to get the best out of the pump. Providing you with the hints and tips from years of experience helping new and expectant Mom’s as a senior hospital Midwife in London, England.

We are also an Oakville Breast Pump Rental Station for both the Medela & Ameda hospital grade double pump and you are most welcome to drop into our location at 2525 Old Bronte Rd, Unit 160, Oakville to meet our lovely professional team and pick up your pump. This may be convenient for you on our busier days when we are unable deliver to you on the same day!



The hospital-grade breast pump has 2 phase expression technology designed to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. The Symphony pump was designed for hospital use and through this rental program we are now giving new and expectant mothers the ability to benefit from the performance and pumping programs of this hospital grade pump in the comfort of your own home.

2- Phase Expression® technology: Designed to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm.

  1. Convenient: Single or double pumping.
  2. Two separate, independent membrane units: Allows switching between single and double pumping by simply applying or removing the second collection kit to the breast
  3. Let-down button: Moms can easily return to stimulation by pressing the let-down button
  4. Initiate and maintain milk supply: If direct breastfeeding is not possible, as well as collect breastmilk at work or during other absences from the baby.
  5. Hospital grade: The pump’s kit is separate from the pumping mechanism and protected from overflow by a specially designed membrane
  6. Symphony Breastpump with Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with 2 internal rechargeable batteries
  7. Symphony Plus: The first breastpump with clinically proven research that improved the pumping efficiency and effectiveness for mothers with premature infants


If you would rather call into our office we are located in Oakville, Ontario.

We are open 9am to 5pm – Monday to Friday.

Contact Us via the website or calling our toll free number 1844 237 4686 to inquire about our Medela breast pump rental program.

The pumps are available to be picked up from our Oakville office: 2525 Old Bronte Rd, Unit 160, Oakville, L6M 4J2, Ontario
Please contact us if you have any questions.


How much does it cost to rent a breast pump?

The rental of the hospital grade Medela Symphony double pump is $85 month. The hospital grade Ameda Platinum double pump is $120 per month. There is a minimum of one month initial rental. Included in this low price is free delivery & pick up in Toronto & the wider GTA, Kitchener & Waterloo and the Golden Horseshoe. If you are unsure if we cover your area just give us a call.

Aislinn, our midwife will also setup the pump with you and provide invaluable instructions on how to get the best out of the pump to suit your needs.


Are there any other costs involved?

The Symphony Retail Double-pumping kit is required to make the Symphony pump work and likewise the Ameda double pumping kit is required for the Platinum.

The Symphony double-pumping kit (also known as a personal pack) includes two PersonalFit Breast Shields in size M (24mm). All parts that come into contact with your breast milk are BPA and phthalate free for your peace of mind. Unfortunately, other Medela pumps (such as the Pump in Style) do not have all the pieces required to work with the hospital grade rental pump. Kits you receive in hospital are often only recommended for your hospital-stay and are not designed for long term use.

The Ameda double pumping kit includes two breast shields in size 25mm. Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems are designed to work specifically with all Ameda Breast Pumps. Proven Airlock Protection prevents milk back-up into tubing, simplifying pump use and care. All HygieniKit Milk Collection Kits are without BPA or DEHP.

The Symphony personal-use double pumping kit is an additional $79.99 and the Platinum personal use double pumping kit is $84.99 and will be delivered with your pump at the initial rental.

When we deliver your pump, part of our process is to ensure that you are correctly fitted for the pump. A standard size breast shield will come with the pump at either a 24mm with Medela or 25mm with Ameda. We have larger and smaller sizes available for purchase should you require them. This is to ensure you have maximum comfort and efficiency while using your rental breast pump.

How can I get the Symphony or Platinum double breast pump?

The Symphony & Platinum breast pumps are currently only available for rental as it is a hospital grade breast pump designed for multi-user use.

We offer breast pump rental with free delivery and pick up within Toronto & Wider GTA area. Pump pick up is also available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday at our head office in Oakville. Free parking onsite to allow a hassle free pick up.

Contact Us via the website or calling our toll free number 1 844 237 4686 to inquire about our Medela breast pump rental program.


What are the benefits of renting the pump?

There are many benefits of breastfeeding and being able to express breastmilk is made easier by renting the Symphony double pump. When you are discharged from hospital and no longer have direct access to the hospital pump or are unsure of which personal-use breast pump to purchase, being able to rent the Symphony ensures your milk supply will continue to grow. Using the Symphony pump at home can also make a huge difference if you need extra support initiating your milk supply.

The INITIATE pumping program (exclusive to the Symphony) is designed for all moms who pump during the first few days after birth. It has been proven to help those mothers reach milk production levels equivalent to moms who were able to breastfeed their newborn full time. For many moms who are discharged from hospital the Symphony pump rental can be a life saver for their milk supply. Once the milk supply has been initiated, the Symphony pump also enables you to switch to the MAINTAIN program, which will help to continue building and maintaining your milk supply for as long as you choose to express your breast milk.


Do I need a breast pump?

Not every breastfeeding mother will need a breast pump. Breastfeeding is the most natural way to provide the nutrition a baby needs in the first few months to grow and develop. We here at The New Mummy Company promote human milk as the best nutrition for all babies but we support parents no matter how they choose to feed their babies. There are times when babies are unable to feed directly from the breast web offer breast pumps for rent to help deliver mother’s milk to their babies.

Breast pumps are helpful to mothers who are separated from their babies for extended periods of time, such as mothers whose babies are inpatients in hospital or in the NICU. Hospital grade breast pumps are also great for mothers who are returning to work and wish to provide their breast milk for care providers to give to their babies while they are at work.

Pumping your breast milk can also bring you comfort when your breasts are full or engorged and your baby does not feed from your breast. Sometimes, despite support from healthcare providers and lactation consultants, babies struggle to feed directly from their mother’s breast and choose to express their milk to feed to their babies.

Some women and families make an informed decision to exclusively express their breastmilk from birth. This can be a personal choice, or a decision made by a family to share feeding and bonding between both parents. We support every new mother to make an evidence-based decision that they feel is best for them and their babies.


Is it safe to rent a breast pump?

The Symphony & Platinum hospital grade breast pumps are safe to rent as they are designed for multi-user use in hospitals, such as in NICUs and on maternity wards. The pumps is designed to be an enclosed system that can be fully cleaned between users. All pump parts that touch your breast and collect your milk are personal to you and designed for individual use, which is why you need to purchase a Symphony or Platinum double-pumping kit when you first rent your pump.

Unlike personal use retail pumps, the Symphony & Platinum breast pump have a closed motor system that ensures bacteria and human body fluids, such as milk, cannot transmit through the pump system. Personal use pumps, such as the Pump in Style and Sonata, are not intended for multiple users or sharing as they have an open motor system which can transmit bacteria and pathogens between users as the motors cannot be cleaned. They are not Health Canada approved for resale or sharing and it is not encouraged to buy personal use pumps second hand online for this reason.

Hospital grade pumps have stronger, more powerful motors that provide a higher level of suction and more efficient pumping. As hospital grade breast pumps are designed for frequent, industrial use in hospitals by multiple users, they come with extended warranties. Most retail breast pumps come with a one-year warranty which is voided if the pump is bought second hand or shared between users.



Why would I rent a breast pump rather than buy one?

The Symphony double breast pump was developed after extensive clinical-research to maximize a mother’s breast milk production after birth. Many mother’s rent a breast pump when they are unsure which breast pump is right for them. By renting Medela’s top range product, it allows them to decide their pumping needs over time without hindering their milk production.

The Ameda Platinum hospital breast pump has been proven with clinical research to be the most effective breast pump for establishing and maintaining increased milk production for preterm and full term infants. The Platinum pump is our top-of-the line product built for clinical use, and is also available for moms to rent and use in their own homes.

Renting a hospital-grade breast pump is a cost-effective option when you are unsure of your pumping needs. It is very common for new mothers to include a personal use breast pump on their gift registry, however many of those mother’s do not end up needing or using a breast pump. Retail electric double breast pumps can be quite expensive and can range from $300 to $600 each. Whether you are intending on exclusively pumping or unsure of your pumping needs, it is beneficial to rent a hospital grade double breast pump to ensure optimal milk production for your baby.

We like to suggest renting a pump to start your pumping journey so that you can pump as frequently as necessary as well as double pumping which will improve your milk supply. Once you have pumped for a few weeks it becomes clear to you as a new mom how often you are pumping per day or per week which in turn helps you decide what pump is right for you. If you decide to purchase a Medela retail pump after your rental, we have those pumps available for purchase. You can buy your retail pump from us and we will deliver it to you, give you set up and usage instructions and pick up your rental pump when you you have decided to return your rental pump. Please call us to discuss which pump will be most suitable for your needs on our toll-free number 1844 237 4686 or if calling from overseas you can reach on 289 837 4686.



How can I rent the Symphony or Ameda double breast pump?

The Medela Symphony & Ameda Platinum double breast pumps are available for rental as they are hospital grade breast pumps designed for multi-user use making it uniquely available for rental.

We offer breast pump rental with free delivery and pick up in Toronto & wider GTA, Kitchener & Waterloo and The Golden Horseshoe area. Alternatively you can pick up & return from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday at our HQ in Oakville. Free parking onsite to allow a hassle free pick up.

Contact Us via email via our website by or calling our toll free number 1 844 237 4686 to inquire about our Medela breast pump rental program.


Does the performance degrade over time?

All Medela hospital grade breast pump rentals are serviced by the maintenance team at Medela. The pressures of the pump as well as the overall use of the pump is tested, and you can be given a copy of the maintenance results when renting your breast pump. If at any time during your pump rental you are unhappy with your pump’s performance, you can give us a call to inspect your pump. Should any issues occur during the rental of your pump we will troubleshoot them with you or you can call Medela for their assistance and if required we will swap out your pump in the unlikely event that the troubleshooting does not fix the issue.


Is the pump covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, this is not a question we can answer for you and you would have to contact your individual healthcare insurance provider to understand specifically what is covered. Your insurer may require a prescription from your healthcare provider for your breast pump.

However, we have had many families successful in claiming the pump rental on their health care insurance, we can provide invoices and receipts to support your claim.


What accessories will support my breastfeeding?

To use your Medela Symphony breast pump, you must use a Symphony retail double pumping kit or personal use pack. The Symphony Retail Double-pumping kit includes two PersonalFit Breast Shields in size M (24mm). Additional sizes are available for purchase which we hold in stock: S (21mm), L (27mm), XL (30mm) and XXL (36mm). Aislinn will assist you to find your right size breast shield when delivering your pump. It is not uncommon for your breast shield size to change during your breastfeeding and pumping journey.

It is also common to need two different sizes for your breasts. We can supply additional sizes at the time of delivery at minimal cost. It is very important to have the right size breast shield to ensure you do not harm your nipples or breasts while pumping and to make sure you collect your milk efficiently.

You may need additional milk storage accessories such as breast milk storage bags or bottles, which we can also supply at the time of delivery. If you are keen to double pump, it is a good idea to invest in a double pumping bra that enables you to be handsfree while pumping – important when you have a little one to look after! Aislinn, our midwife, can help you choose a pumping bra that’s right for you and fit you with your bra at the time of your pump delivery. We highly recommend a pumping bra if you are pumping more than once a day!


What happens when I am finished with my breast pump rental?

When your rental period comes to an end, we will contact you to arrange a pick-up time that suits you. Please note that we require 3 business days to schedule your pick up. We will come to pick up the pump from you and inspect the pump for damage and cleanliness. If the pump is satisfactory, Aislinn will issue you with a contract summary that marks the end of the rental period. You will need to be at home for the pump pick up as you will need to sign for the return of the pump on the contract agreement. We appreciate feedback and you will be given the opportunity to tell us about your pump rental and pumping experience once you have returned your pump.

If you have any additional questions or queries we’d be happy to help you. Call us today on 1844 237 4686 or email your questions to


Why should I rent from The New Mummy Company?

We are experts in newborn care! We listened to our new mom’s who were frustrated with the hassle and lack of support with regards to breast pumps & breast pump rentals.

We go the extra mile by offering free delivery and pick up in Toronto & the wider GTA, Kitchener & Waterloo and the Golden Horseshoe. Other areas may be available so just give us a call!

The pump is delivered by Aislinn our midwife who will setup the pump and help you with the common tips and tricks to get the best out of your pump and ensure you are using the pump correctly.

We are trained in fully trained in the full Medela product range, not just the pumps we have for rent and for sale. Plus we have a great relationship with Medela, so if there is anything that you need we can help you! Not to blow our own trumpet here but we have a pretty amazing team in our office. A team of truly dedicated individuals who will go that extra mile to ensure that you get what you need from us with kindness, speed and efficiency. Plus we are always available on the phone if you want to chat with us!

We can support you with an IBCLC lactation consultant if you are having more serious breastfeeding issues.

We can deliver any accessories you require with the pump to help you with your breastfeeding.

If you would rather pick up the pump, just pop into our office in Oakville and we help you 9am – 5am Monday to Friday.