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The Medela BabyWeigh™ II weighing scale is designed to measure your baby’s breast milk intake. This is simply done by measuring your baby’s weight just before nursing and just after finishing a feed.

The BabyWeigh™ II scales are used both by health professionals in hospital and by families in their homes.

The scales are light, making moving and transporting the scales easy. There is an easy to follow display on the scales making it user friendly. The scales are specifically designed to compensate for a moving baby, which can make weighing less stressful.

The BabyWeigh™ II measures breastmilk intake accurately within 2 grams for baby’s weighing up to 44 lbs, ensuring you can continue to monitor their intake as your baby grows.

The BabyWeigh™ II scales are available to rent and can be delivered FREE of charge to your home in Toronto, the wider GTA, The Golden Horseshoe and Kitchener & Waterloo by Alana, The Chief Baby Driver.



Our Medela BabyWeigh™ II scales are all calibrated prior to commencing your rental to ensure they are accurate when you receive them.

Alana who has received personal training from Medela will deliver your BabyWeigh™ II scales to you in your home. Full instructions are provided with the scale and you are encouraged to watch our YouTube videos for additional details on how to set up and use your scale.

COVID-19 UPDATE – We are now delivering the scales to your home with CONTACTLESS delivery for your safety and protection. We have a YouTube channel with all the information you need to use all of our rental products. 

Benefits of weighing your baby

The BabyWeigh™ II scales are deigned to measure your baby’s breast milk intake. Unlike bottle feeding, the volume of milk your baby drinks can not be seen when your baby nurses at the breast. For a healthy, term baby who drinks well from the breast, this is not an issue. However, for babies with health complications, who were born preterm or babies that are slow to thrive it can be important to measure their milk intake.

Medela’s BabyWeigh™ II weigh scales give you the opportunity to measure your baby’s milk intake each feed. This can be important to a lot of families if their baby is on a feeding plan or if needs a certain volume of milk each feed, but they want to nurse their baby rather than bottle feed or formula feed.

Disadvantages of weighing your baby

Weighing your baby can be stressful and involve worry. If your healthcare professional recommends weighing your baby’s milk intake, weighing your baby can bring reassurance but it is important not to focus primarily on milk intake at one individual feed when monitoring your baby’s development.

Your baby’s growth is a big picture that will involve multiple feeds and weights per day. Weight can fluctuate, and each feed might be different in intake. It is important to discuss what is normal for your baby with your healthcare provider prior to beginning to weigh your baby.

Oakville Medela Approved Rental Station

Should you have any questions regarding the use or rental of the baby weigh scale please call or email us. 

Our telephone lines are open 9am to 6pm – Monday to Friday. Our delivery times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We do not deliver on weekends.

Contact us via email via the website or by calling our toll free number 1844 237 4686 to inquire.

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Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Do I need a weighing scale?

Having a weighing scale at home is a good idea if your baby needs to be weighed frequently to monitor milk intake, weight gain or development.


Does my baby need to be weighed frequently?

Healthy, full term babies who are feeding well do not need to be weighed several times a day or daily. Your baby’s weight and development should be routinely monitored by your health care provider such as your family doctor or midwife. This is typically done a few days after birth and every 2-3 months thereafter up to the age of 12 months. If your doctor or healthcare provider has concerns your baby isn’t gaining appropriate amounts of weight they will arrange more frequent weighing with you or advise you on any issues you are experiencing.

Typically, a baby needs more frequent weight checks when there are concerns for the baby’s development and the rate they are developing. This may be but not limited to:

  • Baby’s that are born premature
  • Baby’s with health conditions that may hinder their development
  • Baby’s who are slow to regain their birth weight
  • Baby’s with feeding problems
What makes the BabyWeigh™ II different to other scales on the market?

The Medela BabyWeigh™ II scales are designed to measure your baby’s milk intake by weighing your baby before and after each feed. The scale is easy to follow and will inform you of your baby’s intake within 2 grams of accuracy.

The BabyWeigh™ II has been developed following extensive research by Medela. It is commonly used in hospitals and NICUs across Canada and globally.

My baby is currently in hospital but being discharged soon, should I rent a scale?

Discuss the need for a scale with your doctors and health provider. Often, babies that have been weighed frequently in hospital may need to be weighed frequently after discharge. Babies that are mixed feeding between breast and expressed breast milk or formula may need to be weighed if continuing a strict feeding plan at home to measure the baby’s intake amounts.

If your baby does need to be weighed at home or you purely want to continue weighing your baby at home following discharge from hospital, we can deliver your scale to your home either leading up to your baby’s discharge so that you have it ready to use or when your baby is home.

How do I rent a BabyWeigh™ II scale?

We supply Medela’s BabyWeigh™ II scale for rent from The New Mummy Company office in Oakville, ON. We offer free delivery and free pick up in Toronto and the wider GTA but also cover The Golden Horseshoe area and the Kitchener &” Waterloo region. Same day delivery may be arranged subject to availability.

The booking process is easy and can be done within minutes. You can call toll-free to book on 1-844-237-4686 or email

How much is the scale?

The Medela BabyWeigh™ II scale is $140 + HST to rent per month.

We do offer short-term rentals for the scale for only $8.00 per day. We include free delivery and set up in Toronto and the wider GTA for any rentals of 10 days or longer.


Are there any additional accessories I need to use the scale?

There are no additional accessories needed to use the scale. All of the parts needed to weigh your baby are included at delivery.

What does the rental and delivery process involve?

All of our Medela BabyWeigh™ II and breast pump rentals are delivered to your home for free in Toronto and the GTA when you book your initial rental of 10 days or more. At the initial delivery, Alana our Medela-trained Nurse & Lactation educator will walk you through the process of using your equipment as well as setting it up for you. Alana will be able to show you how to get the best out of your rental. Covid-19 update – we are happy to offer you support via phone and video call to ensure you have the full set up and guidance on how to use the scale while we need to practice social distancing. 

What happens if there’s a problem with the scale when I’m using it?

You will be shown how to accurately use the BabyWeigh™ II scale at the time of delivery and given quick troubleshooting help in case there are any issues during your weighing experience. If you have any further concerns with the equipment you can call The New Mummy Company office for support or contact Medela directly if there is an issue with your scale. Medela Canada can troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing with you over the phone. You will be given these support numbers at the time of delivery.

If there is an issue with your baby’s weight or feeding, you should contact your health professional directly – such as a lactation consultant, your pediatrician or family doctor.

What happens when I’m done with the BabyWeigh™ II scale?

When your rental period is up, we will arrange a time that suits you to come and pick the equipment up from you for no extra cost. Please allow for 3 business days to schedule your scale to be picked up.The equipment will be inspected for cleanliness and condition at the point of return.