Safe Sleep Education

We are delighted to provide private in home safe sleep education which also includes a nursery/bedroom assessment. The private session with Yolanda lasts for 90 minutes in total and will cover all aspects of Canadian Safe Sleep & SIDS prevention – $80 per hour + HST

Safe Sleep Education

The New Mummy Company is delighted to work with a true expert in her field. Yolanda is an infant safe sleep expert. Yolanda became a safe sleep educator in 2004 after the death of her second son to SIDS. After her son died Yolanda researched SIDS and safe sleep extensively setting her on the journey to become the safe sleep expert she is today.Yolanda spoke with every agency around the world that had anything to do with SIDS or safe sleep. She realised that the one common denominator was education. There is nothing that can be done about a true ‘SIDS’ death, but we can educate and hopefully prevent unsafe sleep deaths.

This is where Yolanda’s mission began, she dove in and became a part of the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. She volunteered for peer support and participated in as many events and educational webinars, seminars and conferences as she could.

Over the years Yolanda has been asked to participate in many panels, webinars and presentations.

  • Speaker at Toronto Baby Time Show – since 2009
  • Presented at two Best Start conferences with CFSID
  • Provided training to all Catholic Children’s Aid Society Staff and Foster Parents – Toronto district
  • Regular speaker at various Ontario Early Centres – listed as a speaker for safe sleep in resources
  • Panel member with CFSID in the creation of Public Health Canada’s Joint Statement on Safe Sleep
  • Member of the advisory panel with the RNAO to create Best Practice Guidelines
  • Panel member for a webinar with the Ontario Children’s Aid Society, the webinar is still being used across Ontario for training of staff on the importance of safe sleep
  • Host quarterly webinars with Health Canada for First Nations
  • Presented at the Annual Education Program for Coroners and Pathologists
  • Worked with Halo on a nationwide project to replace loose blankets in hospital maternity wards with wearable blankets and by doing this educating parents on safe sleep.

Yolanda has recently connected with First Candle in the USA. The organisation is well known and respected in the US and internationally and they have paved the way for safe sleep programs.

Services Offered:

Call us today to book your one on one in home safe sleep parent coaching session. Each in home session will cover all aspects of safe sleep and SIDS prevention. The session will last up to 90 minutes including one hour of safe sleep education together with a full nursery / bedroom assessment with plenty time for questions and answers. $80 per hour + HST.


Feedback from webinar, Testimonial from Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies: This was very powerful and worked to enhance the theory, literature and facts the other presenters had discussed. I really enjoyed the Webinar. I found the end very interesting to hear an actual example from a mom who has lost a child to unsafe sleep.

The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths: Without strong leadership from motivated and vocal leaders like Yolanda Guitar, it can be challenging to effectively share important public health messages related to safe infant sleep in Canada. We salute her efforts and acknowledge that she has undoubtedly saved lives through the important initiatives she has assisted with and pursued on her own.

We thank Yolanda Guitar for her support of our organisation, an for advancing the infant safe sleep discussion in Canada.

Quality & Reassurance when working with us!

We are very pleased to provide our Newborn Care Specialist team with Yolanda’s safe sleep seal of approval. As a company we have implemented a programme that requires all new team members to receive safe sleep education as part of their onboarding process. An extra step to ensure quality services to our clients.