Baby Yoga And Prenatal Yoga

BABY YOGA – available in the following locations – Newmarket, North York and downtown Toronto **Coming soon to Calgary!**

The first contact a newborn has with his mother, sets off cascades of hormones in your newborns body that benefits their health and helps them to regulate their body temperature. Your touch can lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their body, leading to better sleep patterns in infancy and a tendency to be less fearful or inhibited later in life

We can help you and your newborn achieve this by introducing you to Baby Yoga!

There are many benefits to participating in a baby yoga class, some of these are:

  • A fussy baby can be clamed through massage and yoga.
  • Relaxation is experienced by the baby, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc!
  • Helps to calm a colicky baby!
  • Spatial awareness is enhanced through yoga.

Newborns that are touched gain weight faster and have superior mental and motor skill development, an advantage they retain for months. Touching on the back and legs generally soothes babies while touching on the face, belly and feet tends to excite them.

In the earliest stages of a child’s life, touch is a critical part of the establishment of a bond between parent and child, it is the earliest form of parent-child communication.

Yoga is perfectly safe as it maintains a baby’s natural flexibility and gives them a sense of their physical body in space. It is also a terrific bonding exercise that offers “skin ship’ between a parent and a child. What’s more, yoga may not only help babies fall asleep, but it may help them to stay asleep longer!

Our Baby Yoga classes are approximately 45 minutes and can be started from the age of 4 weeks old and continue into an older baby, toddler and child! We provide 1:1 sessions or are happy to provide group sessions for up to 4 moms, all in the comfort of your own home.

Preparation / Equipment required – Baby – distance from feeds, yoga mat, towel? Room temperature – we need to set the scene so the family can understand what is going to happen during the yoga session.

PRENATAL YOGA – available in the following locations :– Barrie, Newmarket, Vaughan, Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, North York

Yoga helps reduce stress, not just for mom but also for baby!

Baby Belly causing a strain on your posture? Yoga can help maintain a posture that is comfortable for you and baby, and relieving you of any low back pain, muscle sores and fatigue.

Experiencing swollen legs? Let a yoga flow help guide your body to circulate its blood flow and relieve you from excessive water retention!

The New Mummy Company has certified Prenatal Yoga practitioners covering Toronto and the GTA. The benefit of having a one on one session with an experienced yoga practitioner is the undivided attention and care throughout a calming and meditative flow. The ability to work through postures improving your body’s flexibility limit is easier to achieve when all the attention is on you! The meditation sessions are created just for you, to focus on whatever it is you may need to breathe a little deeper through!

There are several advantages to Prenatal Yoga. Anatomically, the body is preparing for a journey that is new (if this is your first baby) or reminding itself of the beautiful experience it has been through previously. Stretching the body, molding all your joints into slow, relaxed and comfortable positions to connect with your mind, body and soul are just one of the many wonderful benefits for you and your baby. Research shows practicing yoga during pregnancy can help improve sleep, increase strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, reduces stress and anxiety as well as decrease lower back pain and nausea.

The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles that form a bowl attached to your pelvis. This muscle is vital for baby and labour. Yoga can help strengthen your pelvic floor so that you don’t experience low back pain, diminished sexual satisfaction or incomplete bladder emptying after baby is born!

The best time to start prenatal yoga is at the peak of your second trimester. Each session is an hour long. The body will experience peaks of highs and lows throughout the practice and it is important not to overwork you or baby. Having a timed session allows for you to truly shut the world out for a while and focus on yourself through a grounding experience. The improvements and benefits from prenatal yoga can be noticed after one session and we encourage you to adapt a regular practice into your routine to notice optimal results.

Research published in the medical journal Preventative Medicine in 2012, showed that pregnant women who practiced yoga for one hour, three times per week, were less likely to have low birthweight babies, pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure. The study concluded that prenatal yoga could help to prevent complications during labor.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparation: Why would you go into labor without preparing for it? Labor is one of the most physical things you will ever do, and prenatal yoga can help you prepare for it.

Prenatal Yoga can also help with the following:

  • Breastfeeding problems – any poses that open the chest and upper back are beneficial.
  • Caesarian section – bringing breath awareness back to the belly as soon as possible will relieve stress and promote healing. Once your doctor has permitted exercise, gentle and simple poses can provide a speedy recovery.
  • Heartburn – opening the space in the diaphragm and releasing tension in the middle back by leaning back slightly can help!

The only things you need to provide are yoga mat, water, towel. The following are optional and may be provided by the instructor yoga block, yoga bolsters, straps, blankets and music. Wear comfortable loose clothing, no socks to avoid slipping and should be conducted in an appropriate space preferably not on carpet.

Contact Us today to book your private at home prenatal yoga session. All our services are provided in your own home for your comfort and convenience. There is great value in prenatal yoga as a group, please contact us for more details and fees for group bookings.

We suggest checking with your doctor prior to starting any new exercise regime.