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Oakville Group Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga & Fitness Classes 

We are delighted to bring you prenatal yoga in person once again in Oakville and more prenatal / postpartum fitness classes coming shortly.


We offer dedicated prenatal yoga and fitness classes in person at our Oakville studio location or live & interactive online.

    • Prenatal Yoga – every Tuesday and Thursday 7.30pmEST in Person and via Zoom
    • 6 week packages available via the links below. 
    • Stroller Fit will be starting on April 13th 2022 – this date is a free class! Sign up now and take advantage of this free class for our first session. 
    • We will be adding more classes and dates shortly, check back again soon for more updates and join our social media pages for more regular updates!

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our class sizes (they are small), our cleaning procedures (they are rigorous) or our covid protocols (they are exactly as you would expect them to be, tight!). 

While we wait to move over to our brand new website please contact us if you have any questions about our classes and package options. We are here to answer any questions that you may have! 



What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has many benefits to the prenatal body; as well as making Mom feel awesome you will learn tools for labour and birth and the postpartum period, and increase mobility in the pelvic floor to assist during birth and learn breathing techniques to help repair pelvic health postpartum.

Prenatal Yoga creates a sense of calm, relieves stress and provides an opportunity to connect with your body and your baby through movement and breath. Studies have proven that integrated approach to yoga – postures, breathing and meditation combined – can improve birth outcomes such as higher birth weight, lower risk of pre-eclampsia and reduced blood pressure.

In our Prenatal Yoga classes, our specialized yoga instructors work within a body of knowledge about pregnancy-related ailments and discomforts, ensuring that movement is at once safe and considered and yet builds strength and stamina. During the class we will learn and work on breathing patterns in order to create mobility in the pelvic floor muscle, essential both before and after birth. We create flowing movement in the postures to enable moms-to-be to feel graceful as well as stretched and energized. It will tackle the aches and pains of pregnancy and leave you feeling refreshed, restored, strengthened and provide you with some essential tools for labour, birth and the early months of motherhood. Not to mention that each yoga session ends with a relaxing savasana guaranteed to recharge your batteries!

There are many advantages to Prenatal Yoga. Anatomically, the body is preparing for a journey that is new (if this is your first baby) or reminding itself of the beautiful experience it has been through previously. Stretching the body, molding all your joints into slow, relaxed and comfortable positions to connect with your mind, body and soul are just one of the many wonderful benefits for you and your baby. Research shows practicing yoga during pregnancy can help improve sleep, increase strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, reduces stress and anxiety as well as decrease lower back pain and nausea.

Prenatal Yoga can help with edema, low back pain, gestational hypertension, improved birth weight, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic discomfort, rib discomfort, pressure on pelvic floor, muscular stiffness, heartburn, constipation, sciatica and morning sickness. Regular Prenatal Yoga practice throughout pregnancy has also been proven to reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia and low birth weight.

In Prenatal Yoga we will also: Improve balance as body weight distribution shifts, teach methods of breathing that enable correct movement of the pelvic floor muscle in preparation for birth and post-birth repair, decrease stress, improve sleep, encourage the baby to move into a correct position for birth, encourage connection between Mom & baby, give an essential time out from the stresses and strains of daily life in pregnancy – a session just for mom and baby, of calmness, peace and tranquility through flowing movement.

The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles that form a bowl attached to your pelvis; this muscle is a vital part of our anatomy and particularly important for labour. Yoga can help to increase mobility in the pelvic floor to contribute to healthier outcomes postpartum; reducing the risk of  low back pain, diminished sexual satisfaction or incomplete bladder emptying after baby is born!

Prenatal yoga is beneficial in all trimesters of pregnancy.  During the first trimester, prenatal yoga can help to energize the body with a gentle workout that can relieve lethargy and help reduce feelings of nausea through breathing exercises.

When should I should start Prenatal Yoga

In the second trimester, energy typically increases and we use prenatal yoga help to safely work into the areas of stiffness in the body, as your body grows and changes and natural movement patterns become restricted. We work on opening the hips, stretching the side body, improving core strength safely without using the intra-abdominals, strengthening the thighs and legs to improve balance, relieving tension on the pelvic floor and focusing on the breath to encourage healthy movement of the pelvic floor.

In the third trimester, we continue to stretch any areas of stiffness in the body; we work on squatting postures and we learn some tools for labour – using poses such as toe stretches to demonstrate how the breath can help us work through moments of intensity. We will work in poses that can help to relieve pain in labour, and some that Mom can come back to post labour to relieve aching shoulders, to open the chest, and to gently stretch the legs. In the third trimester we also focus on meditation to overcome physical intensity, and to find inner calm and peace as well as connecting to baby and the breath.

Did you know – midwives can often recognize whether a lady has attended prenatal yoga, due to her breathing techniques and poses to relive labour discomforts!

Each yoga session is an hour long and always at your pace. The body will experience peaks of highs and lows throughout the practice and it is important not to overwork you or baby. Having a timed session allows for you to truly shut the world out for a while and focus on yourself through a grounding experience. The improvements and benefits from prenatal yoga can be noticed after one session and we encourage you to adapt a regular practice into your routine to notice optimal results. Each class ends with a beautiful savasana which will recharge the lowest of batteries!

Research published in the medical journal Preventative Medicine in 2012, showed that pregnant women who practiced yoga for one hour, three times per week, were less likely to have low birthweight babies, pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure. The study concluded that prenatal yoga could help to prevent complications during labor.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparation: Why would you go into labor without preparing for it? Labor is one of the most physical things you will ever do, and prenatal yoga can help you prepare for it.

We suggest checking with your doctor prior to starting any new exercise regime.

available in Oakville, Milton, Burlington ON & Calgary, AB. Via Zoom Canada wide or internationally.