Baby CPR & First Aid Training

5 reasons to choose us for your Infant / Child CPR training

  1. We provide group classes & private classes in the privacy and comfort of your own home in Calgary, Toronto & the wider GTA!
  2. Book at a time that suits you – evenings, weekends, daytimes; we can work around your schedule.
  3. You invite who you want! Granny, aunts, nannies, babysitters – the choice is yours, bring as many as you want.
  4. Our training is specific to infants and children. We’ve trained thousands of new parents.
  5. Our trainers are amazing, friendly and accredited First Aid & CPR professionals who will make your class fun!

What is included in our Baby CPR & First Aid class

  • Infant & Child CPR with practice on manikins
  • Basics of baby first aid
  • Choking events
  • Illness & fevers
  • Febrile seizure
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Use of AED
  • Laws governing CPR

Baby First Aid Baby CPR


We Offer Group Baby CPR At Our Oakville Location And Also Online Through Zoom.


You Can Book Your Group or Online Class Below


You Can Also Contact Us To Book A Private Class In The Comfort Of Your Home.


If you have any questions about booking contact us @ or give call us a call on 1844 237 4686.

Be Confident in Your Actions, Calm & In Control Of An Emergency

When you are expecting a baby, there can be a mixture of excitement and also a fear of the unknown. We can help build your confidence and ability to react to an unexpected emergency event. Our aim is to teach you to be self-reliant and confident in what to tell 911 in the few short minutes before a first responder arrives, while also providing you with the practical skills to be proactive in a more common first aid event as well as an emergency.

“We were so pleased with our at home infant CPR class through The New Mummy Company! It was so convenient to have the class in our home as we have a 9 month old infant, and she could nap and play while we learned this incredibly important information. Abdus was an amazing instructor! He has a wealth of experience and is an excellent teacher. We would highly recommend him and this service to any new parent!”

The Jaworski Family – Calgary

Infant CPR

Our certified CPR & First Aid instructors will give you the tools to take calm and confident action in a critical respiratory event. We have a number of CPR & First Aid instructors across Toronto & the wider GTA and Calgary available. Our instructors are certified with leading providers such as Heart and Stroke, St John Ambulance, Red Cross & more. With years of experience under their belt teaching new parents, doctors, dentists, teachers and healthcare providers, our Baby and Child CPR & First Aid instructors will quickly put you at ease and build your confidence.

The course was amazing, Nabhan was very engaging and thorough. I have taken many CPR courses, I found this to be one of the best.

Minea Family – Toronto

As per Heart & Stroke Foundation protocol it is the first minute of CPR that can make the biggest difference towards a positive outcome. With EMS minimum response times being 4 minutes away, we recommend that everyone takes the opportunity to train in CPR/Choking Procedures/AED.

Our baby CPR & First aid courses are constructed to allow you to have the hands on skills to be proactive in an emergency event and understand the key details to tell 911 operators. You will learn practical CPR skills working with a baby manikin to provide you with confidence and reassurance you need as new parents.

“We feel very prepared with our first baby girl on the way after our Infant/Child CPR training with Selma. She was very nice and thorough and made sure we were utilizing the proper techniques. She also took the time to learn our names which made it more personal. We will definitely be recommending Selma and The New Mummy Company to family and friends!”

                    Kristen, Matt, Patti, Dennis – Toronto 

Flexible Booking Times & Share With Friends, Family & Caregivers

Knowing the main caregivers for your baby or infant are all trained and understand how to react in an emergency adds to your level of comfort. This is why most of our clients choose to invite grandparents, babysitters, nannies, aunts & uncles, even friends and neighbours come to join them in the training course.

We offer flexible booking hours to fit into your lifestyle. We can tailor the course to be in the daytime or evening and the course lasts approx 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the number of people invited. Classes are also available at weekends for your convenience.

***Please be aware this class is uncertified, this allows the training to concentrate solely on baby & infant topics during the allotted time. If you are interested in Adult CPR certification we can look to add this at an extra cost while extending the time of the class. Please call us before booking via our online booking system to ensure you are getting the class that you need.***

If you would like to book a course, which despite the obvious serious subject matter, can also be a fun event with your friends, family, nanny or work colleagues, contact us today on 1-844-237-4686

We comprehensively cover Toronto, the wider GTA and Calgary. This service is coming soon to Edmonton, Vancouver & Ottawa. Call us to see if we cover your area!

Milad was extremely polite, respectful, and knowledgeable. We could tell that he was passionate about teaching and we appreciated his enthusiasm. Highly recommended!

The McCann Family – Toronto

Private in home Baby & Infant CPR/First Aid Pricing

  • 2 people – $90 per person
  • 3 people – $80 per person
  • 4 people – $75 per person
  • 5 people – $70 per person
  • 6+ people – $65 per person



Call today to book your CPR Class!

The New Mummy Company CPR training was great. We loved being able to somewhat customize the training session for the people in attendance, and we loved that New Mummy Co. adapted to our needs re: amount of time each attendee could commit. Was very nice to have the training in the comfort of our own home. We now feel much better equipped to deal with any dangerous circumstances that may arise. Thanks very much!”

                   The O’Sullivans – Calgary

“Home class was extremely convenient for our needs- especially as we have a 21mos old and another baby on the way. Selma was patient and very accommodating with our little one wanting to hang out for the class. We didn’t have anyone to watch her so she had to stay with us during our session. Really put my mind at ease and we learned a lot!!”

                    Balclao Family – Toronto 

The CPR course with Debby was wonderful! Debby was on time, organized and super friendly. She made all of us feel comfortable. And the content of the course was perfectly suited to what I was looking for and that’s all the info I need to help my infant if ever she’s in trouble. What a fun session!

                    Emily – Toronto