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Night Nanny & Baby Nurse Service

We give you and your baby a great night’s sleep

Proudly offering services in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto (inc the wider GTA) & Ottawa

Hiring a Night Nanny provides you as new parents with a restful night’s sleep and invaluable in home support. Having a Night Nanny on-board will ease some of the exhaustion that goes along with being a new parent, allowing your baby the benefit of learning good sleep habits while you quickly become well-rested confident parents.

Available for however long you require, be it for a few nights, weeks or months our expert Night Nanny services are tailored to you and your family’s individual needs.

Night Nanny Service

"Linda was incredibly warm and gentle with our 3 month old daughter. She listened to all of our concerns - mainly stemming from the fact that she is our first and was premature. The fact that Linda is an RN provided us with an increased sense of security. We would welcome Linda back if/when we need a night nurse again." The Rourke Family - Toronto.

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Night Nanny

  1. Parental and family support is not available or your partner may travel for work
  2. Basic need for restful sleep & the reassurance of having an experienced baby professional on hand
  3. You may have experienced a difficult birth or have been diagnosed with Postpartum Depression
  4. Extra support if this is your first baby and or if you already have a toddler/older children
  5. Twins or multiple births and you need that extra pair of hands
Baby Nurse Service

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Night Nanny

  1. Parents get an undisturbed night or minimal disruption if breastfeeding
  2. Support and advice on all aspects relating to your baby’s care whenever you need it
  3. Good sleep habits for you and your baby
  4. Night Nannies help create contented, confident & well-rested parents
  5. More relaxed feeding options whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding
Night Nanny Service

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A New Mummy Company Night Nanny

  1. This is our specialty! We know what makes an amazing Night Nanny!
  2. All our Night Nannies are qualified experienced professionals
  3. Meticulously screened, full reference checks and orientated according to our company values
  4. We are extremely easy to deal with, from initial paperwork to scheduling we are there to help
  5. You have the full backing & support of The New Mummy Company range of services
Hire Night Nurse

Our Night Nannies are seasoned, qualified, experienced professionals!

At The New Mummy Company we are passionate about our profession. We feel the term Night Nanny somewhat underplays the knowledge, experience and ability of our team and the non-judgemental care they provide to you and your family. Our team of Night Nannies are handpicked by owner and founder Maria Robertson and we only bring onboard fully qualified, trained professionals who have recent & relevant newborn experience.

The vast majority of The New Mummy Company Night Nannies come from a Nursing or Midwifery background, so you have the ability to work with our RN’s, RPN’s, LPN’s, Midwives, Doulas and overseas trained Dr’s, Nurses and Midwives. The rest of our  team members are trained and certified Doulas. Our uniformed Night Nannies & Newborn Nannies can assist you with breastfeeding, pumping, creating positive sleep associations, and general reassurance around all aspects of newborn care but most importantly allowing you to sleep when you are at your most sleep deprived.

Night Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists or Baby Nurses as they are sometimes known, perform the sleep depriving tasks required to care for a newborn overnight such as diapering, breast pump preparation, preparing formula, sterilizing feeding equipment, burping and settling to sleep. Your New Mummy Company Night Nanny will also complete a diary for you detailing the nightly events.

A New Mummy Company Night Nanny is blessed with the skills and personality traits to make you comfortable about bringing someone into your home. Your family will have a caring and compassionate individual who will also respect your confidentiality and privacy. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to visit the testimonials page where you can read for yourself about the past experiences our families have kindly shared with us.

We are currently experiencing a high level of demand for our overnight postpartum support services. We strongly advise booking your Night Nanny as early as possible, ideally as soon as you are safely in your second trimester. We always aim to assist families with last minute requests for support but with services in such great demand, we would hate for you to be left disappointed.

Baby Night Nurse

“The New Mummy Company and Emma provided us countless days and nights of peace, knowing that our baby was in the best hands. Emma truly became an essential part of our home and family and we are grateful for her expertise, warmth and care.”

The Chopra Family – Pickering, Ontario. 

Our Dedication ensures your peace of mind

Currently, we are offering you the ability to interview via Zoom rather than in person for your wellbeing and that of our team. Our Night Nannies will also discuss with you at interview the procedures they are taking to protect themselves and you while working in your home. Please ensure that you make any requests regarding Covid-19 known at the interview. If you have any additional questions with regards to Covid-19 please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are committed to ensuring the quality of our Night Nannies or Baby Nurses as they are often referred to as. We understand you may be apprehensive about letting a non-family member into your home to care for your baby – this is exactly why we follow a stringent and lengthy screening process to give you that peace of mind.

We follow a set process before any team member is able to join The New Mummy Company. Owner & founder, Maria Robertson reviews all resumes and experience to ensure we select only the best candidates. Maria has a trained eye for identifying suitable candidates based over 22 years of international experience caring for newborns as a British trained Maternity Nurse read more about Maria

The next stage of the process results in all Night Nanny applicants participating in an initial screening interview with The New Mummy Company. This interview thoroughly examines the Night Nanny candidates career history, qualifications & experience while also ensuring their personality, compassion and communication skills meet the standards of The New Mummy Company.

Subsequent to the initial interview, the candidate now enters the checking phase in which The New Mummy Company team will complete background & police checks using vulnerable sector checks and BackCheck™, verify all qualifications and training. Finally, we contact a minimum of three relevant professional references to ensure accuracy and quality before a candidate is put forward for a final in person interview.

Owner and founder Maria Robertson completes all face to face interviews with candidates. During this interview phase, the candidate will be given an understanding on what it takes to join the team and Maria can ensure the candidate has the personality, experience, qualifcation and calibre required to meet our standards.

The final stage of the process we feel is unique to The New Mummy Company, an orientation is conducted by Maria Robertson with the next intake of Night Nannies. During the course of the orientation, our Night Nannies will be taken through a set curriculum specifically related to being a Night Nanny with The New Mummy Company. This orientation covers industry best practices and guidelines along with allowing Maria to impart her knowledge and top hints and tips with regards working from private family homes from Toronto, United Kingdom, UAE & Los Angeles.

All of this work is completed before a Night Nanny or Night Nurse is put forward to you for a client interview. We ensure you are not hiring a babysitter through word of mouth or hiring an unknown person who has setup a free website overnight, you can rest easy knowing you have hired a dedicated experienced professional with the full support network of The New Mummy Company.

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop once someone joins the team and begins working with our clients, our placement consultants request feedback after each position keeping a current profile for each Night Nanny ensuring the quality and level of care is consistent. We also ensure that all police checks and certifications are kept up to date and valid. Our entire team are required to renew police clearance (VSS) and CPR annually to give you that peace of mind you won’t find elsewhere.

Baby Nurse Service

‘Stephanie was invaluable to us during the month that she cared for our one month old son. As a sufferer of post partum depression with our previous child, getting adequate and restful sleep as well as support and reassurance was integral in a healthy post partum recovery. She is confident, competent, compassionate and caring and we could rest easy knowing that our baby was in excellent hands. I would recommend Stephanie’s services to anyone interested however I have to admit that it is going to be very difficult to see her move on to another family, we would love to keep her forever!’

The Esken Family

Baby Nurse Registry

Give the gift of sleep to new parents! What a wonderful idea for a new Mum to be! We offer the convenience of Night Nanny Registry, allowing family and friends to gift a specific dollar amount to help with those early weeks or months at home with a newborn(s).

Here’s how simple it is…

  1. Contact us to register your Night Nanny Registry by sending us an email with your name, address, phone number, and location (if registering as a gift for someone else) and estimated due date of the Mum to be.
  2. Tell all your friends and family you have registered for the Night Nanny Registry. Anyone wishing to add to the registry can simply send an email transfer (interac)  with the name of the new mother in the message section so we can always apply the funds to the correct account. We will have your running total on hand at all times and when your registry is closed we will give you all of the names of who has contributed.
  3. Well in advance of the due date, we will contact you to begin the hiring process for your night nanny and set up interviews with the candidates of your choosing and create a schedule of overnight support that works best for your family.

Set this up for yourself or surprise the parents-to-be with this generous and thoughtful gift from friends and family!

Your Privacy and Confidentiality protected

At The New Mummy Company we have worked with many high profile celebrity clients and we are accomplished in providing the quality and confidential service required. We have built our standard processes around this knowledge and experience so every client is given the same excellent level of service. We value highly our position of working closely with your family and understand the confidential nature of our position ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.

We are proud of the reputation we have built up over the years and referrals are a huge part of our success, we constantly strive to ensure the quality of our service and we currently hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are a proud member for many years of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

The role and benefits of a Night Nanny

Baby nurses, night nurses, sleep doulas, people call them by many different names but at The New Mummy Company we call them Night Nannies. Your Night Nanny normally works between 8 to 12 hours overnight. For example a 12 hour night could begin at 7pm to help with the evening feed and settling the baby down for sleep for the early part of the evening. Your Night Nanny will discuss your day with you and then take over the care of the baby along with all nursery duties, allowing you to rest, pump or have dinner before its time for you to get some much needed sleep.

Your night nanny would then stay with you overnight until 7am, caring for your baby’s needs and only bringing the baby to you for feeding. The Night Nanny will take care of all burping, diapering and resettling so that you are only woken if necessary and keep your sleep as unbroken as possible. Every family’s needs are different so we will work with you to ensure that you book the right number of nights and hours to match your schedule & lifestyle.

The night nanny will also offer valuable advice when requested on sleep routines, breastfeeding tips and general reassurance on matters relating to the baby. This will allow you the parents to become more confident in the development of your baby.

The reasons for hiring a night nanny or baby nurse are well proven and invaluable. Whether it’s from missing that extra family assistance close by, having multiples or requiring help with postpartum depression that extra support and assistance can make all the difference in those early weeks and months.

Our service is aimed at providing you with the confidence and reassurance when bringing a new baby into the world. Most importantly, we offer you and your baby a comfortable, relaxed, contented start in life.


What are the steps to book a New Mummy Company Night Nanny?

To find the perfect match for you we go through a specific process which we have honed over the years, these steps are simple and straightforward and we are here to answer any questions or queries you may have. These steps can be completed at whatever pace you are comfortable with, we can do this in less than 24hrs for emergency bookings – But we don’t recommend leaving it that late, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Step 1

Contact us or why not give us a call toll free on 1-844-237-4686.

Next we will collect some key information from you to allow us to find the perfect match – We can do this over the phone if you wish or you can fill in our web based parent application form at your earliest convenience.

Step 2
Step 3

Once we have matched you with some our great Night Nannies available in your area we will provide you with a profile on each person to allow you to select who to interview

We will arrange the interviews around your schedule and give you the pleasure of meeting some of our wonderful Night Nannies!

Step 4
Step 5

Once you have selected the Night Nanny for you, we give you the opportunity to check references before guaranteeing our Night Nanny with a signed contract for both parties protection.

What are a Night Nannies duties?

The list of duties really depends on each baby & family situation but to give you an example we have provided this list below.

  • Night time feeds
  • Breastfeeding & Pumping Support
  • Clean and sterilize pumping and feeding equipment
  • Good sleep habits
  • Resettling the baby to sleep
  • Soothing the baby at night
  • Burping baby
  • Changing diapers
  • Swaddling
  • Baby laundry
  • Documenting nightly events
  • Preparing Formula & Sterilizing bottles
  • Bathing baby
  • Dressing the baby
  • Morning routine

You may require some additional support if you have multiples, a baby with reflux, a recent circumcision or colic. We can assist with all of this and more, supporting you in a calm and confident manner.

When should I book my Night Nanny?

We recommend booking your night nanny during your 2nd trimester, our Night Nannies can be booked months into the future, to ensure availability the earlier the booking the better for you. We have had clients re-book their night nanny before they have told their family that they are expecting.

What hours does my Night Nanny work & how long do I need a Night Nanny?
  • Night Nannies are available 8 to 12 hours overnight. We have a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.
  • An example of the hours our night nannies work.
  • 8 hour night would normally be from 10pm to 6am (this is our minimum shift for safety and security reasons).
  • 10 hour night would normally be from 9pm to 7am.
  • 12 hour night would normally be from 7pm to 7am.

Our night nanny team are available 7 nights a week and we will work with you to find the optimum number of nights for your family situation. The duration of a night nanny contract varies from 1 night or 1 week to several months and sometimes longer and we are always happy to extend your current booking should you wish to keep your night nanny longer than first anticipated (subject to availability – we do not recommend waiting – please book the full duration you need at the time of completing the contract to avoid disappointment).

Can I book a night nanny to cover days?

Great question and the answer is YES! – We have developed a newborn nanny service where the same trained, qualified & professional staff are available for daytime support. Daytime support is available for a minimum of 4 hours per day.  As every family requirements are unique please give us a call to discuss the hours & availability. Please Note – we have staff available in Toronto & the wider GTHA, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton & Ottawa.

Do I need a Night Nanny if I’m breastfeeding?

As a breastfeeding mother waking during the night is something you just can’t escape, however that awake time can be reduced so it only involves that magical bonding period with your baby while you breastfeed. The Night Nanny will also be able to help with other aspects of being a breastfeeding mother, such as assisting with pumping.

The Night Nanny will bring your baby(s) to you for feeding, assisting with breastfeeding, then either stay with you or leave you in peace while nursing. The night nanny will then allow you to get straight back to sleep while dealing with burping, changing diapers and re-settling the baby to sleep.

Can I claim my Night Nanny on my insurance & what tax expenses can I claim?

Unfortunately this is not a question we can answer for you. We suggest that you would have to contact your individual healthcare insurance provider to understand specifically what is covered under your benefits plan. Many plans cover the expense of Doulas or Nurses, so do check with your provider.

With regards claimable expenses you would have to contact your tax advisor below is the link to the CRA website page on childcare expenses.



What are the rates for a Night Nanny?

The rate for each Night Nanny varies on their experience & qualifications on average our rates vary from $34 to $48 per hour for a single baby and $36 to $48+ per hour for multiple births. The rates vary based on each individual, our team have different qualifications, experience, training and length of service with us. We also have some newer team members who have recently trained as a Postpartum Doula and they will be in the process of certification. Choosing to work with a lesser experienced member of our team will allow you to get valuable support at a reduced hourly rate.