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5 reasons to join The New Mummy Company team

  1. We have work for you and lots of it! We are ambitious and growing – come grow with us!
  2. Work with lovely private families and their newborns, we have flexible schedule shifts available – both full and part time.
  3. We make your life easy! From contract signing to efficient and on time payment we have a mature process that you will love!
  4. We know what we are doing! We are owned by a newborn care expert who has lived the role for 22 years and knows the unique support you need.
  5. We have amazing clients! Great word of mouth referrals & repeat clients waiting to book you, often for months at a time.

Current Open Positions

We have immediate opportunities for independent contractors (self employment) available right across Canada. We are constantly looking for amazing team members in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and all surrounding areas to these cities.

    • Newborn Care Specialists (Night Nannies) & Postpartum Doulas in Toronto, the wider GTHA & surrounding areas particularly the Halton region of Burlington and Oakville, Mississauga and North York.
    • Newborn Care Specialists & Postpartum Doulas in Vancouver, the lower mainland & surrounding areas
    • Newborn Care Specialists & Postpartum Doulas in Calgary & surrounding areas
    • Newborn Care Specialists & Postpartum Doulas in Ottawa & surrounding areas
    • Newborn Care Specialists & Postpartum Doulas in Edmonton & surrounding areas
    • Baby & Infant CPR/First Aid Instructors in Vancouver, Edmonton & Ottawa
    • Lactation Consultants in Vancouver, Edmonton & Ottawa
    • Birth & Labour Doulas in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton & Ottawa

Here are a selection of some of our open positions in Toronto and the GTHA. Positions are also open for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. Please contact us for more information.

APRIL 2022

Job Code: AMTALocation: DeltaStart date: ASAPEDD or age of baby: Dec 21, 2021Duration:  few monthsNights Requested:  2-3 nightsHours:  9pm-6am or 7pm-7amMethod of feeding: Breastfeeding/pumpingSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements:  Parents are looking for an RN/LPN preferably, reliable, calm, and mature.  Street parking available and they have two friendly dogs.  

Job Code: MESM- TwinsLocation: VancouverStart date: ASAPEDD or age of baby: Dec 20, 2021Duration:  3 monthsNights Requested:  Tues ,Wed ,Thurs   Hours:  10pm-6amMethod of feeding: combinationSingleton or twins: TwinsJob description & requirements:  Someone who has experience with twins and working nights/shift work. Preferred if this person can also provide a background check. Street parking available no pets in the home. Parents available for interviews weekdays before noon.

Job Code: NAHA-DAYSLocation: West VancouverStart date: ASAPEDD or age of baby: April 26Duration: June 30Days Requested:   Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun Hours: 10am-3pmMethod of feeding:  Breastfeeding, pumping, formulaSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements:  Second time parents are looking for someone who is clean, organized and a nice lady. If the nanny can be familiar with developing infants i.e. tummy time, floor exercise, and can help with bathing.

Job Code: LICHLocation: VancouverStart date: Aug 21EDD or age of baby: Aug 18Duration:  2-3 weeksNights Requested:  2-3 nights a weekHours:  9pm-6amMethod of feeding: BreastfeedingSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements: Second time parents looking for a possible RN to come to their home to help with nights for the first 2-3 weeks.  They have a cat for a pet and street parking available. 

Job Code: JEKWLocation: RichmondStart date: Sept 19thEDD or age of baby: Sept 15Duration:  1 monthDays/Nights Requested:  1-2 week -every night, slowly decrease  Hours: daytime noon-4pm night 10pm-6amMethod of feeding: Breastfeeding, pumping/ combinationSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements: First time parents are looking for someone who has at least 5 years’ experience would be ideal, with the proper licensing and training.  Previous references required.

Job Code: HUBU-DAYSLocation: BurnabyStart date: Sept 23EDD or age of baby: Sept 16Duration:  6 weeksDays Requested:  Mon-FriHours:  10pm-6amMethod of feeding: CombinationSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements: Parents are looking for someone who is reliable and punctual, quiet. Limited social media usage. Does not smoke. Experienced, mature, neat, tidy, and organized. Family-oriented.

Job Code: JAIY (Days)
Location: Burlington
Start date: ASAP
EDD or birth date: 14th March 2022
Duration:  6 weeks
Days Requested:  3 days per week, flexible on days
Hours:  11am-3pm
Method of feeding: breastfeeding/pumping
Singleton or twins: single
Job description & requirements: These first-time parents are looking for day support.  They would like someone with years of experience in supporting newborns and new parents, empathetic who understands challenges that a new mom might face. Must be fully vaccinated against COVID, both parents are fully vaccinated.

Job Code: MADS (Days)
Location: Pickering
Start date:  ASAP
EDD or birth date: 29th April 2022
Duration:  1 month
Days Requested:  Monday to Friday (ideally weekends too if possible)
Hours:  8am-5pm
Method of feeding: breastfeeding/pumping
Singleton or twins: single
Job description & requirements: This family is looking for daytime support when they bring home their second child. They would like someone that is experienced at helping a new mum as there will be just 14months between the two children.

MAY 2022

Job Code: JECR
Location: Woodbridge
Start date: May 3, 2022
EDD or age of baby: May 12, 2022
Duration:  1 month to start
Nights Requested:  7 nights
Hours:  9pm-8am
Method of feeding: Breastfeeding/pumping
Singleton or twins: single
Job description & requirements:  These first-time parents are looking for someone kind, calm energy, holistic wellness.  Someone who is  organized has good attention to detail, and effective communication skills.  No pets in the home and driveway parking available.

Job Code: ANTO
Location: Toronto
Start date: When baby arrives
EDD or birth date: 6th May 2022
Duration:  until end of June 2022
Nights Requested:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Hours:  10pm-6am
Method of feeding: breastfeeding & pumping
Singleton or twins: Single
Job description & requirements: These first-time parents are looking for someone to join their family and care for their little one as their own. Ideal nanny will be gentle, friendly, genuine, supportive, trustworthy, experienced, with a calming presence – to help them navigate through such an unknown/new experience and exciting time in their lives! If possible, would like flexibility to switch from night to day support, possible travel with family. There are no pets in the home. Driveway parking available.

Job Code: KAZH
Location: Oakville
Start date: May 12, 2022
EDD or age of baby: May 11, 2022
Duration: Aug 12, 2022
Nights Requested: Mon-Fri
Hours:  9pm-6am
Method of feeding: N/A
Singleton or twins: Single
Job description & requirements:  These second time parents are looking for an experienced, punctual, and quiet nanny. The nanny must have exceptional communication skills and attention to detail.  Driveway parking is available.

Location: Ajax
Start date: May 21, 2022
EDD or age of baby: May 21, 2022
Duration:  Aug 21, 2022
Days Requested:  Mon-Sun
Hours:  9am-1pm
Method of feeding: Breastfeeding/pumping
Singleton or twins: single
Job description & requirements: These second time parents are looking for someone who can be flexible in the morning. They have a 13-year-old . They would like someone experienced with newborns. They have a cat very friendly in the home. Visitor parking is available.

Job Code: JACD
Location: Toronto
Start date: May 27, 2022
EDD or age of baby: May 26, 2022
Duration:  2-3 Months
Nights Requested:  5 nights a week (Mon-Fri)
Hours:  9pm-6am
Method of feeding: Breastfeeding
Singleton or twins: Single
Job description & requirements: These first-time parents will be looking for night-time support when baby arrives in May 2022. Their ideal candidate would be gentle and kind and have lots of newborn care experience. They have a gentle and loving large dog and townhouse visitor parking.

JUNE 2022

Job Code: MELI
King City, ON.
Start date:
when baby arrives
EDD or
birth date: 5th June 2022
Duration:  2-3 months
Nights Requested:  Ideally Monday to Sunday, so possibly a team of 2 nannies to provide cover
Hours:  10pm-7am
Method of feeding: Combination
Singleton or twins: Single
Job description & requirements: This family are looking for night support when they bring home their second child. Their firstborn was colicky, and mum suffered for PPD so they want to ensure they have some help this time around. They would like someone
experienced with sleep training, able to work autonomously, and complete bottle washing/sterilizing, laundry. Both parents are fully vaccinated against COVID and require a fully vaccinated nanny. No pets. Driveway parking. Available for interviews mornings between 9-10am or weekends.

Job Code: MAVA
Location: Oakville
Start date: June 1st
EDD or age of baby: 01/06/2022
Duration:  3 months
Nights Requested:  5 nights a week (Sunday to Thursday Nights)
Hours:  10pm-7am
Method of feeding: Combination
Singleton or twins: Single
Job description & requirements: These first-time parents are looking for someone with lots of newborn experience to help support them at night when baby arrives. Their preference would be for someone over the age of 35 and one who could speak one of the following languages  (Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin). Driveway parking available.

JULY 2022

Job Code: EVMA *RN Required*Location: Coquitlam Start date: 25th July 2022EDD or birth date: 15th July 2022 Duration:  1-3 monthsNights Requested:  Sunday to Thursday  Hours:  10pm-7amMethod of feeding: BreastfeedingSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements: This family are looking for support when they bring home their second child. Mum is planning for a c-section and would like a registered nurse that is available to support during nighttime for at least 1-2 months full time to help with newborn. Both parents are fully vaccinated against COVID. No pets in the home. 

Job Code: FEGA-DAYSLocation: BurnabyStart date: July 1EDD or age of baby: June 22Duration:  1-2 monthsDays Requested:  Mon, WedHours:  10am-4pmMethod of feeding: BreastfeedingSingleton or twins: singleJob description & requirements:  Mom is looking for a professional, caring, and friendly nanny.  You must be fully vaccinated.  Free guest parking and no pets in the home.


Job Code: REWO (Days & Nights)
Location: Orangeville
Start date: Aug 1, 2022
EDD or age of baby: May 10, 2022
Duration:  6 months
Days/Nights Requested:  flexible – what can you offer?
Hours:  Daytime; mornings. Nights; 10pm-6am
Method of feeding: formula
Singleton or twins: single
Job description & requirements: These second time parents looking for a kind and trustworthy and have knowledge and experience caring for infants and children. Ideally you are an RN or RPN for insurance purposes. They have sincere gratitude to the nanny for helping their family in such an important way. The nanny is essential to helping mom be the best possible mom to her toddler and infant and allowing mom to continue to work at her job.  The family has a small dog friendly and hypoallergenic.

If you have recent demonstrable professional newborn and/or postpartum experience (not solely personal experience) along with a relevant qualification please send us your covering letter telling us more about you and what interests you in working with us & a current detailed resume to

If you have more questions we would be delighted to discuss further with you, call us at our Oakville HQ office on 1-844-237-4686

Certified Postpartum Doulas & Birth Doulas

We have opportunities to work as a Postpartum Doula or Birth Doula across Canada. We have an awesome placement team who will take care of the client interaction, scheduling, payments & contract allowing you to do the job you love working with new parents & best of all those special newborn babies.

We have amazing clients looking for experienced and certified Postpartum Doulas & Birth Doulas now! Please apply with a detailed covering letter & current tailored resume to

What Can We Offer You?

The New Mummy Company is an independently female owned and run Canadian company and we are proud to support families throughout their pregnancy and with the transition into parenthood and beyond. We have a great reputation which we protect at all costs, this reputation provides referrals and repeat clients and allows us to offer you a steady stream of work.

We have a wide range of positions available both from emergency last minute bookings through to advance bookings (up to 6 months ahead) allowing you to plan your commitments months in advance. We can meet your work and lifestyle choices as our bookings vary from short term bookings over a number of days through to months at a time whatever works best with your schedule.

We are growing as a company and we have more exciting plans for 2022/2023 which will lead to new opportunities to diversify for our team members, our growth is built on a solid foundation of expertise. Our placement consultants are really great to work with and keep everything on track for you, from interview schedules to on time punctual invoice payments.

We are interviewing Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary candidates right now so contact us today to find out more about working with us. Candidates interested in working as Newborn Care Specialists or Newborn Night Nannies who hold a Paediatric nursing background or experience as a Midwife can apply to fast track their application.

Zoom interviews are scheduled weekly. Contact us today! No delay in interviewing with us! 

Most importantly, we offer you the job satisfaction gained from making the difference in someone’s life and dealing directly with newborns, this is a very rewarding role sharing in special moments with a family.

Maternity Nurse Services

“I get amazing feedback from our Night Nannies about The New Mummy Company, I’d like to think this is because I know what is involved to walk in your shoes, I understand the challenges you face, the skills you possess and the fantastic personal rewards of being a Night Nanny. We would love for you to join us and feel that appreciation for yourself”     Founder & CEO – Maria Robertson

What Do We Look For In A Team Member?

As a Night Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula you will be in sole charge of a newborn in a family home, this takes a certain skill, a passionate person who has confidence to work with the baby and the family as a whole.

We look specifically at three areas :

Training and Qualifications; do you have relevant qualifications dealing directly with pregnant women, new mothers and newborns? We love to see a commitment to continuous professional development.

For example, the vast majority of our team have a nursing or midwifery qualification (including overseas nursing or midwifery training), Paediatric Nursing, Doula’s, Baby Nurse/Maternity Nurse training, NNEB, MNT etc.

Secondly, do you have demonstrable experience working with newborns and new parents in a professional capacity? Recent experience (within the last 3 years) is required for safety reasons. Do you have experience in a Paediatric nursing or in a labour & delivery setting? Midwifery or breastfeeding support? Can you provide references who will confirm your role and your recent relevant experience?

Lastly, and sometimes the most important aspect, is your personality and nature.

      • A love of working with new parents and babies
          • Confidence in teaching new parents
          • Natural instincts when caring for new parents and babies
          • Excellent communication skills
          • Sensitive nature and ability to listen to new parents
          • Compassion and common sense
          • Respect for privacy and confidentiality

In Home Nanny Services

“It is all my pleasure working with such a professional team. I am so grateful that I have joined this company. As soon as I became one of the members, I got my shifts so quickly and it was beyond my imagination that how quickly they set up interviews and job positions. I enjoy every minute working with this delightful team. They are all so sweet, wonderful, friendly and so respectful. I am so pleased that I work with Maria and her professional team.” Bita – Night Nanny

What Do We Need Before We Can Bring You On Board?

We are extremely diligent about who we bring into our team and we make no apologies for the stringent level of detail we require before we can on board you to the team. You can speed up the process in applying to work with us by having the following documentation ready to supply to us once we have reviewed your resume and application form.

        • Vulnerable Sector Screening –  Police Check (within the past 12mths)
        • CPR Certificate (within the past 12mths)
        • Background Checks – we must be able to speak with your references
        • Proof of Qualifications (original certificates)
        • Full tailored resume with career history
        • References from relevant nursing, midwifery, childcare positions
        • Ability to attend an in person interview and orientation induction

I would say that I love working for NMCO. because you are always professional and respectful which makes me feel appreciated!! – Ira – Night Nanny 

Thinking of joining our team?

* Do you have recent professional experience working with newborn babies and their parents?

* Are you interested in working as an independent contractor?

* Are you looking for anything from one to five night/day shifts per week?

Then this could be a great opportunity for you!

What are the responsibilities of a Night Nanny?

* Support for the new mother in her own home

* Sole charge of newborn baby or babies

* Assist and support breastfeeding and/or pumping

* Clean and sterilize pumping and feeding equipment

* Prepare formula and/or storage of breast milk

* Diaper, bathe, burp and swaddle baby/babies

*Baby laundry

*Restocking and tidying the nursery

What are the must have requirements for our Newborn Care Specialists?

* Must have a minimum of two years’ newborn professional work experience in the past three years, and a relevant qualification, such as Midwife, Paediatric Nurse, Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists (NCS), Maternity Nurses and Baby Nurses.

* Demonstrable recent professional experience working with newborn babies and their parents

* Professional experience with breastfeeding, breastmilk storage, formula preparation, diapering, bathing, feeding, burping & swaddling – this is essential as parents will be looking to you for information and training.

* Be available to work various shifts, most requested by clients are night shifts of 8 to 12 hours.

* Being able to drive yourself to locations is a huge advantage (particularly at the moment due to Covid-19).

Required experience:

      • Recent Professional Postpartum/New Born Care: 2 years