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Meet the NMCO team

Hi, it’s lovely to meet you, we are The New Mummy Company team!

At The New Mummy Company we have a great team who keep the show on the road, we are led by Maria, she is the boss so we have given her own page here but hey let’s talk about us!

We are here to make everything run like clockwork for you, you have enough going on in your life at the moment, that’s why we are here to get you that extra support with your pregnancy or newborn. From finding you the right Night Nanny to arranging that prenatal breastfeeding class you really want, through to handling all the paperwork we make life as simple as possible, we give you options and work around your schedule.

When we are not talking with all you wonderful parents we are speaking to our amazing staff, checking references, arranging your interviews and generally being the uber organised people we are.

There is a strong Irish & British Isles influence to our office, this will be obvious from the amount of tea we drink and the accents you will hear when you give us a call.

We have taken the chance to have a little fun below and if you want to know some more about what makes each of us tick just keep reading.


Senior Placement Consultant

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Want to meet one of our wonderful Night Nannies or service providers! Contact us today and we can setup some interviews, we are sure you will love them as much as we do!