Meet Maria

The Backbone Of The Company

For 20 years Maria has been providing expert pregnancy and newborn baby advice to families worldwide, Maria is vastly experienced as a baby sleep coach, breast feeding advisor, baby nurse and doula helping thousands of families over her career. Maria’s kind, gentle and grounded nature has made her a sought after newborn expert for everyday & high profile celebrity families alike. Maria began her career as a Maternity Nurse in Ireland, caring for 3 sets of twins as her first three maternity roles in Dublin saw her find her true passion and calling. 

Breast Feeding Advisor

Originally from County Limerick in Ireland, Maria is proud to now call Canada home living in Oakville outside of Toronto with her family. Maria has traveled extensively during her career taking her from Edinburgh where she was based with her husband to London, Los Angeles, Egypt, Dubai, New York & Beyond. Now Maria splits her time in Canada between their 5 locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Maria is now also working a little more with clients in Canada and internationally now that filming for her clients on a Game of Thrones has finished up.

Maria provides the backbone for the company from the overseeing the hiring of new team members, to ensuring the best quality of care is provided to our clients. She has thirst for professional development and being at the cutting edge of the childcare industry allows Maria to keep on top of the latest research and confirm best practices are always followed within The New Mummy Company.

Maria takes on a limited number of personal clients a year to offer consultancy services on sleep, scheduling, feeding, routines etc. This service is predominately offered via email and video calls, not in person due to her extensive commitments. However if you would like to work with Maria directly then please get in touch. Any in-person requests to work with Maria ideally should submitted many months in advance due to her schedule but last minute requests will always be considered especially for urgent in home sleep training which is one of the very unique services Maria offers. Location is not an issue as Maria is a very frequent flyer and you can discuss your needs directly with her. If you would like to work with Maria directly please contact us in the office to discuss your request or email Maria directly


“Maria is a baby whisperer and toddler whisperer”
– Amanda Peet On the ABC show “The View”

Passionate About The Childcare Industry

Maternity Nurse And Doula

As the founder and CEO of The New Mummy Company, Maria is passionate about the services provided to new and expectant parent. Having traveled the world working as a baby nurse specializing in multiple births and Maria pretty much experienced everything you can encounter while working with a newborn. Throughout this time Maria has occasionally had to pick up the pieces from unqualified and inexperienced childcare staff, having witnessed the good and bad of the childcare industry, is the driving force behind Maria’s approach of quality over quantity when it comes to recruitment for the company or when assisting clients with training and hiring of their domestic staffing needs.

Maria founded and to this day runs an international Night Nurse, Maternity Nurse and Doula conference, this 3 day conference brings industry & infant medical experts together to present on the latest information on pregnancy and newborn topics.

A Company Built With Helping Parents As Its Core Value

Maria has grown The New Mummy Company to cover most major Canadian cities but the core identity of the company will always stay true to helping new and expectant parents, Maria has learnt valuable lessons along her business journey about staying true to this vision and only partnering with people who share her goals of helping parents and providing support when they need it most.

Baby Sleep Coach

“Maria has such a positive, professional and caring demeanor. She really does care about and advocate for baby’s needs. Her clear and patient guidance is a must for any new mummy seeking help with putting together a nice routine that both baby and mummy will enjoy to tackling difficult sleep issues. Her experience from nutrition to sleep consultation and everything in between shines through in the care and assistance she provides. I would highly recommend Maria for your baby.”
– Daneka from Milton.

“The twins were born 5 weeks early and were in neonatal care for 9 days, before coming home. Maria immediately helped us ease into family life, by working with us to instil a routine even when the babies were so young. Maria has such a professional, yet soft and gentle way about her.
I grew in confidence with regards how to deal with them especially on my own, something I am convinced I could not have done, or certainly would not have achieved so quickly, without Maria’s guidance and help. Maria has been a real life line for us all throughout this period of our lives, especially when I had little family around to help in the early days, due to family illnesses. Again Maria was an amazing support to me throughout what was a fairly stressful family period.
Maria has been quite simply… amazing, and I cannot thank her enough for not only helping us have contented little babies, but a very contented family! I cannot recommend Maria highly enough to any family with a new born baby or babies!”
– Karen (Mother of Harry & Sophie) Edinburgh, Scotland.

Natural Ability To Instill Confidence In New Parents

Maria prides herself in her ability to instill confidence in a new parents. This ability to coach without coming across as overbearing allows new parents to resolve the baby’s issues be it with feeding, sleep, or routine and to do so early before they escalate.

Career wise Maria spent a large part of her early professional years working as what is known in the UK as a maternity nurse. In this role Maria worked with the parents from 1-2 weeks before due date until the baby/babies were 3-6 months old. During this period Maria worked in the family’s home 24 hours a day (on call) for 5-6 days a week.

With many sets of twins under her belt Maria is gifted in helping the new parents get the best possible start in life by having a happy contented baby who sleeps & feeds well while building a custom routine around the family’s lifestyle. Her unique ability to create a breastfeeding friendly routine where everyone was able to get some sleep but also ensure that a mothers desire to breastfeed was supported is a unique ability that Maria possesses. 

“Maria Poppins”

Parents who have received support from Maria regularly say that they are envied by other parents as their children mature into excellent sleepers and great feeders, not to mention well behaved contented children because they are so well rested and on a great schedule. Maria puts this down to putting in the hard work and effort in those early formative months and working with clients who want to create these routines.

Baby Nurse And Doula

As a result of her natural ability with their babies Maria has picked up a number of nicknames from parents she has worked with. She is known by parents in various countries as “Maria Poppins” “A parents comfort blanket” “My sanity” and on the hit ABC show “The View” Hollywood actress Amanda Peet stated “Maria is a baby whisperer and a toddler whisperer”

Courses and Seminars Attended
  • June 2002, Infantile Colic & Gastro Oesophageal Reflux, London (Maud Giles).
  • June 2002, Breast Feeding & Human Lactation, London (Maud Giles).
  • July 2002, Multiple Births Preparation Class, Queen Charlotte & Chelsea Hospital, London.
  • July 2002, Baby Massage, London.
  • July 2002, Paediatric First Aid, London.
  • 2003, Reiki, Level 1, Dunfermline.
  • 2003, Reiki, Level 2, Dunfermline.
  • June 2003, Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Workshop, London (Dr Jessica Shrubrook)
  • May 2004, Thermo – Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candling), Dunfermline.
  • Nov 2004, Breastfeeding Course, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Karla Napier)
  • April 2007, Breastfeeding Refresher, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Karla Napier)
  • August 2007, Emergency First Aid, Glasgow.
  • September 2007, Breastfeeding Refresher, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Karla Napier)
  • September 2007, TAMBA study day, Stirling Royal Infirmary.
  • October 2007, Twins, Triplets and Special Care Babies, Manchester.
  • October 2007, Care of the Postnatal Mother, Manchester.
  • October 2007, Problem Solving and Colic, Manchester.
  • October 2007, Caring for Newborns, Manchester.
  • October 2007, Feeding Newborn Babies, Manchester.
  • October 2007, Baby Massage Workshop, Manchester.
  • October 2007, Maternity Nurse Practitioner, MNT Training, Reading.
  • April 2008, Breastfeeding Course, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Carolyn Worlock)
  • September 2008, Breastfeeding Course, Edinburgh, Katrina Hampson.
  • October 2008, NCT/University of Bedfordshire, Diploma of Higher Education in Antenatal Education. Livingston, Karen Duignan.
  • April 2009, NCT Workshop, Normal Labour. Stirling, Johan Stirling.
  • April 2009, NCT Workshop, Grief & Loss, Peebles, Dharmavandana.
  • May 2009, SDN Workshop, Boundaries, Aberfeldy. Daisy Dinwoodie & Nicola Goodall.
  • May 2009, NCT Workshop, Abnormal Labour, Stirling, John Stirling.
  • June 2009, NCT Workshop, Care of the labouring woman, Stirling, Johan Stirling.
  • August 2009, Baby & Child First Aid Course, St Andrews Ambulance, Glenrothes, Fife.
  • September 2009, MNT Extension Upgrade to Maternity Practitioner Course.
  • September 2009, Nutrition & Breastfeeding the Preterm Baby, Bliss, Edinburgh.
  • February 2010, MNT Sleep Training Course, Reading.
  • May 2010, NEST Multiples Training Course, Amersham.
  • May 2010, NEST Breastfeeding Training Course, Amersham.
  • May 2010, NEST Postnatal Depression Training Course, Amersham.UK
  • January 2012, Breastfeeding Course, Clare Byam Cook, London. UK
  • July 2012, St Johns Ambulance First Aid Level C with CPR / AED
  • November 2012, Infant Nutrition, Judy More, London. UK
  • November 2012, Sleep Practitioner Course, Southampton Sleep Clinic. Cathy Hill UK
  • November 2012, Reflux, Dr M Thomson, Paediatric Gastroenterologist. UK
  • November 2012, Breastfeeding, Sioned Hilton, Medela. UK
  • November 2012, SIDS, Gillian Ryder, FSID. UK
  • November 2012, Baby Massage, Julie Cleasby
  • March 2013, Sleep Symposium, Sick Kids Childrens Hospital, Toronto
  • November 2013, Infant Sleep, Evelyn Stewart, Behavioural Sleep Specialist. UK.
  • November 2013, Allergies in Infants, Dr M Thomson, Paediatric Gastroenterologist. UK.
  • November 2013, Breastfeeding for Maternity (Night) Nurses. Clare Byam Cook. SRN, SCM, Infant Feeding Specialist. UK.
  • December 2013, Medela Breastfeeding Equipment Training, Mississauga, ON.
  • September 2014 – CPR Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • November 2014 – Halton Food Handlers Certficate
  • May 2015 – Cappa Certified Lactation Educator – 20 hour Lactation Workshop.
  • April 2016 – Sleep in Children & Sleep Training – Be Ready to Parent UK.
  • Nov 2018 – How to support families whose babies experience symptoms of colic reflux and infant allergies, (without resorting to medication) Baby Em UK Webinar.
  • September 2019 – Why sharing is not caring in retail breast pumps & How initiation of lactation is a time-sensitive event that is either achieved or not achieved – CPD Session with Medela Canada