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Christine was such a blessing as I had found myself feeling helpless trying to care for a newborn colicky baby and a 3 year old. She was helpful and suggestive, without being pushy or judgmental. Once we found a routine and schedule that worked for us, she gladly followed it without hesitation. She gave my 3 year old the attention she needed and introduced new ways for her to get involved with our newborn daughter that made her feel included and helpful. It allowed me the time to care for myself, while also providing both of our children the time and care that they deserved. I am thankful to the New Mummy Company for the quick service in matching and sending someone to help us at a time when I needed help the most!

The Smoak family – Toronto

Pratima and Manon became a part of our family during what was a rough newborn stage for us. Breastfeeding was a struggle in the first month, and then our baby was a horrible sleeper. With an active toddler in the house too, knowing that we had their help a few nights a week meant that we both could get some much needed rest to get through the weeks. You could tell that both of them cared deeply for our baby and took such great care of him at night. We slept so well knowing they were with him. And nursing multiple times at night, it was comforting and nice to have a smiling face beside me to keep me company and encourage me. It was like a night nursing coach!

Melissa from Toronto

Pratima is an angel sent from above to make you and your family better. She loves our baby like her own and worked hard to help him learn to sleep longer, eat less frequently at night, and ultimately to sleep through the night, all before 12 weeks old. She also worked hard to ensure we got rest, but also that we learned to continue her coaching. It has now been nearly a month since she left and our baby is still sleeping through the night. At one point our baby got a serious cough and cold from our toddler, and Pratima was such an amazing care giver, keeping his breathing passages clear, keeping the room humidified and warm, and keeping a close and caring eye on his breathing all through the night. Pratima is professional, kind, caring, and very good at what she does. Pratima kept all areas tidy and clean, cleaned bottles and soothers, etc. We have had experience with four night nannies over the years and Pratima is in a class of her own. We miss her terribly, but as she pointed out, there is no more work to be done!

The Mills’ in Mississauga

Great experience! Staff is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable during the visit. Would recommend to all new moms!

Carly from Toronto

The help we got for our new family was beyond amazing. Sherry made herself available to help over and beyond until our little one finally started improving. It was a difficult journey and she really guided us through it all…

The Salem Family from Toronto

We were lucky enough to find Bita and The New Mummy Company when we were struggling to get our 6-week old to sleep more than an hour at a time. On top of this, our 3-year old also came down with the flu! We stumbled across The New Mummy Company and Bita was suggested as a good match for us. From our first meeting, she put us completely at ease and we were happy when she arrived for work the next night. Bita was very knowledgeable and it was easy to tell that she was very experienced at dealing with newborns having run a maternity ward previously. Bita gave us a detailed written report each night, and when appropriate, made suggestions to help us with our son. When our son reached four months, at Bita’s suggestion, we began sleep training him. Bita gave us out a detailed written plan and she helped implement it for the first 4 nights with us handling the following 6 nights. I am sure it is not always this way, but after the second night, our son slept for 8 hours straight and (knock on wood), has been sleeping for 11-12 hours straight per night! We cannot express enough thanks to Bita for her care and attention. Thanks also to Lindsey at the office who was always happy to help us. We appreciated the fact that The New Mummy Company touched base with us regularly to make sure that we were happy and to make sure that we had support on an ongoing basis. We have been recommending The New Mummy Company (and especially Bita) to all of our friends with newborns. Bita was our Mary Poppins!

Alejandra from Vancouver

Kathryn was a wonderful support during the first weeks of our son’s life. As most new moms can attest, it is hard to leave the care of your newborn child to someone else, but Kathryn made us feel very at ease and worked with us to establish a routine that worked for our family. In addition to helping us get some much needed rest, Kathryn also helped me address some breastfeeding issues that I was experiencing and provided some tips/guidance on how to make the process more comfortable. We very much appreciated her warmth and support during this time.

Erin from Toronto

So helpful and super convenient! When the pump was dropped off, she showed me several products to make pumping easier for me as well. I will rent again if there’s a next time! Thx for helping me feed my surrobabe!

Hannah from Hamilton

Aislinn provided us with much more than the equipment we needed in a timely manner; she also provided invaluable guidance, support, and encouragement during a critical time. We are so grateful to have benefited from her knowledge, experience, and compassion as we continue on our parenting journey.

Joanna from Toronto

I would describe Christine as a true fairy godmother!!! She came to help me out in October and November 2018. As a new mother to a little baby boy born a month early in the spring, I wasn’t getting any respite and was pretty exhausted, not eating properly nor taking care of myself. I also felt a bit lost in the motherhood department and didn’t really know how I could best entertain and provide my son with stimulating developmental activities. I contacted the NMC and after interviewing a few potential candidates (all really lovely and professional by the way), the connection with Christine was instantaneous. She ticked all our boxes. Christine has a heart of gold and is one of the most caring and kind people I have ever come across. She was so patient and loving towards our son, who instantly responded to her positively. They bonded really quickly and it was so much fun watching them interact. During the two months Christine worked with us, I learnt so much about early childhood education and our son hit some major developmental milestones. She helped me regain my confidence as a mother and provided much needed reassurance on the days when things weren’t so great. She is someone who simply loves to share and I learnt to make some really great quick, easy and delicious recipes too 🙂
Christine is an amazing lady with a heart filled with love and kindness. Any family who is lucky enough to work with Christine will gain so much both professionally and personally! I recommend her without any hesitation! Thanks as well to the NMC team who were amazing every step of the way and made my life as a new mum much less stressful.

Gabrielle from Toronto

I can’t even find the words to explain how good their services are. If there was 6 stars I would choose it! I found everything to be too good to be true, easy and friendly. Motherhood is hard enough and I find their whole team is striving to make everything as easy as possible. They dropped off and collected my pump free of charge and fully explained how to use it and have been there every time I’ve had a question. It’s really impacted my first few weeks as a new mum! Thank god for Maria and her team!

Francesca from Toronto

We just completed an at home cpr/choking session with Milad. He arrived at our house on time with several hands-on teaching aids and was an extremely knowledgeable instructor who was well organized and kept his 3 hour session moving in a smooth and relaxed manner. His presentation included a slideshow with many opportunities for us to practice our new knowledge (AED, cpr on adult and baby, choking on adult/child/baby). This was an informative course and we would refer Milad to others wanting to learn about this topic.

Sandra from Burlington

I rented the scale and the service and the support was great! Aislinn came to drop it off to my location, she trained me and she came back to pick it up. Very accurate service. She texted/emailed me during the rental time to make sure that everything was ok. With the scale I was able to monitor the feeding issues that my son had and I was also able to better understand his feeding patterns for a successful and long breastfeeding.

Manuela from Mississauga

I had a very good experience with the New Mummy Company. The pump pickup and drop service was very convenient. I will definitely recommend them..

Swara from Oakville

My husband and I did the 3 hour CPR and first aid course in our home. It was amazing. He is a great teacher. I would take a refresher course from him in the future any time.

Melanie from Toronto