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Christine was such a blessing as I had found myself feeling helpless trying to care for a newborn colicky baby and a 3 year old. She was helpful and suggestive, without being pushy or judgmental. Once we found a routine and schedule that worked for us, she gladly followed it without hesitation. She gave my 3 year old the attention she needed and introduced new ways for her to get involved with our newborn daughter that made her feel included and helpful. It allowed me the time to care for myself, while also providing both of our children the time and care that they deserved. I am thankful to the New Mummy Company for the quick service in matching and sending someone to help us at a time when I needed help the most!

The Smoak family – Toronto

Louise saved my life! I was struggling so hard with having my daughter sleep more than an hour or two straight. I couldn’t function while raising my Toddler and taking care of my infant. Louise helped create a routine and a safe space to help my daughter sleep (and me). I can’t thank her enough!

Anastasia from Ontario

Ivy was a lifesaver during the early weeks with my baby, especially during the pandemic shutdown when it was impossible to have family and friends come by to help. I learned so much from her and hope to have her come back whenever I need extra help in the future.

The Sekhorn Family from Calgary

Stephanie is exceptional at what she does!  We were able to get much needed rest every time she was here – and with twin fraternal newborns, that’s saying a lot!  Stephanie also taught us along the way, with helpful tips on sleep training, feeding, care and more.  She was also so genuinely excited to see our boys.  We would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone with twins (or singletons!).

Mark and Curtis from Toronto

Thank you Karen and The New Mummy Company for the great support and help during our first weeks. As we had no family members around who could come and assist with our first newborn, our lovely Karen and the service support from The New Mummy Company made our beginning enjoyable, less stressful and manageable. Karen, with her enormous lactation experience made possible that my baby gets mother’s milk, even though I was very close to stopping breastfeeding, since the first week wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. One great thanks to TNMC and kudos to Karen. She will be missed in our family!

Angela from Toronto

Louise was great at helping us transition our daughter from being a cat napper to a baby that slept for 2 hours during the day. She also helped us when our daughter was going through her 4 month sleep regression and gave us the confidence to help her through this time with minimal crying. She made us feel confident with what we were doing so we could continue at a great pace to teach our daughter her sleep cycles and how to sleep through the night. We will forever be grateful for our extra sleep! Thank you.

The Marchioni Family from Oakville

Heileen was perfect! Not only was she very well organized, took notes, was open to all feedback/requests about the baby, she was also a pleasure to speak to. Very knowledgeable and a very nice lady.

Catalina from Mississauga

Clara helped us get some sleep in the early days of having our son. We were very impressed with both her level of professionalism and her warm and calming presence. Our son seemed to sense that he was in good hands and slept well when in her care which made it easier for us to relax and get some rest – she fit in with our family without any fuss and we really can’t recommend her enough.

The Barros Family from Vancouver

Life saver! I regret not hiring The New Mummy Co, for our first child. We did for our second and it made a huge difference! Zainab helped us through out the toughest nights of the new born phase. She gave me great recommendations on how to soothe our son and tried new things to put him to sleep. It’s incredible what a good night sleep can do for your sanity, knowing that our baby was in very good hands.

The Merrick Family from Toronto

I’m SO glad I found the New Mummy Company! Aside from being professional, efficient and reliable…they just get it! They understood my concerns and needs. We got the best nanny support, regular check-ins and they truly showed genuine care for our baby’s needs as well as mine. Very thankful for all they’ve done!

Dana from Toronto

It was very easy to organize night doula services on relatively short notice through the New Mummy Co and we were very happy with the care provided by Pratima to our new baby boy.

The Yarnell Family from Toronto

Nadine was incredible! I don’t know what we would have done without her. She was supportive, informative and provided a non-judgmental/collaborative approach to helping us reaching our goal.
To any and all parents who are experiencing difficulty with potty training, I 100% recommended contacting The New Mummy Co.
Thank you once again for your help and support.

Aspen from Montreal.

We used the New Mummy Company to help hire a night nanny and administrate the process on our behalf. We were thrilled to have Sheryl step into help us on a full time basis for the first six months of our baby’s life. Sheryl’s professionalism, attention to detail and true love for our daughter was apparent throughout her time with us. She was instrumental in attending to our daughter’s needs while also working with us on a schedule to aid our baby in sleeping through the night. Our entire family benefited from great sleep and a very happy baby. We can’t recommend Sheryl highly enough.

Kirsten from Calgary

We attended the in person prenatal class this past weekend and we are so happy we did!! As first time parents, we learned a lot of valuable information. The content in the presentation was well structured and very relevant. The instructor, Emma, was very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the course. We left the course feeling empowered and better prepared for the birth of our baby. The New Mummy Company exceeded our expectations and we would recommend this course to everyone preparing for parenthood.

Tara and Brad – from Mississauga

Would highly recommend! The class had to be moved to zoom due to the restrictions but they did a great job, felt engaged the whole time (it actually flew by), and we both took away a lot. Thank you and great job 🙂

Lisa from Toronto