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Soraya is an exceptional person and nanny. She is sweet tempered, super patient and careful with our baby and 6 year old and couldn’t be a nicer person over all. We all fell in love with her and are so so sorry to have had to part ways with her because we’re going back to Los Angeles. Anyone working with Soraya is very lucky and should feel 100% safe knowing their children are well cared for.

Milla Jovovich from Los Angeles

Christine was such a blessing as I had found myself feeling helpless trying to care for a newborn colicky baby and a 3 year old. She was helpful and suggestive, without being pushy or judgmental. Once we found a routine and schedule that worked for us, she gladly followed it without hesitation. She gave my 3 year old the attention she needed and introduced new ways for her to get involved with our newborn daughter that made her feel included and helpful. It allowed me the time to care for myself, while also providing both of our children the time and care that they deserved. I am thankful to the New Mummy Company for the quick service in matching and sending someone to help us at a time when I needed help the most!

The Smoak family – Toronto

The New Mummy Company provided excellent service to our family. They found us an excellent night nanny who provided three months of care to our twins. They took all the guess work out of finding a qualified person to support us and we’re lovely to deal with.

The Smith Family from Calgary

Writing referrals is something I’ve rarely done, but in this case I felt it necessary for anyone that is possibly on the fence about using Daisy.
DO IT!! What is your sleep/sanity worth? Daisy brought back some much needed rest & relaxation to my wife and I, and we couldn’t be happier to NOT deal with our crying baby at 1,2,3,4am so we could have enough energy the following day. Daisy was lovely to deal with, and we could not recommend her enough. Thank you New Mommy Co for arranging.

The Matheson Family from Vancouver.

Not only did we get the peace of mind to have a more restful sleep, but Amy provided a great foundation for our daughter to sleep through the night!

The Acker Family from Calgary

Loved the hands on diaper tutorial and the personalized tips of the prenatal education class with Emma.

Alicia & Adam from Oakville

Honestly, everything was great. I found that Selma covered all of the areas of concern without any of the fluff. I’ve taken (CPR) classes before where it’s felt like they’re killing time with fluff information but there was none of that. All very great insights and she was fun to work with but also serious and very knowledgeable. So pleasant. We all really enjoyed the experience and came out of it feeling exceptionally prepared.

The Dupont / Neil Family, Toronto

Louise was very insightful and provided a tremendous amount of help with our baby’s sleep issues. The first week of utilizing the sleep plan that was put together for us made a massive difference on our baby girls sleep going forward. We no longer wake up every two hours all night long.

Appreciated that Louise had a suggestion/solution to all the various sleep issues we were dealing with and explanations for why they were happening. It gave us a better understanding of how to deal with any sleep regression/issues going forward.

The Bhandhol Family from Toronto.

It was great to have an in-home CPR instructor who went at a pace that the group was comfortable with and could answer all of our questions. Selma was great and we would highly recommend her!

Ashley and Nathan from Toronto

Amy provided overnight support to our family when our second son was born.  Having a newborn is so overwhelming but having Amy to assist us with our nights was amazing.  She has so much experience and knowledge that was very beneficial during our time together.  We could not have done it without her.

The Stephens Family from Calgary

Barbara was such a blessing as I had found myself feeling helpless trying to care for a newborn colicky baby. She was helpful and suggestive. I couldn’t have done it alone without her!

Naba from Oakville, ON.

Elaheh’s support to our family was immeasurable! She was with us for four weeks when we welcomed our second son and she made our transition and my recovery so much more peaceful and positive with well rested parents! She genuinely loves babies, is incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, caring, warm, flexible and nurturing. I truly didn’t know if I would be able to rest having someone else caring for my son at night and also worried that I would feel incredibly guilty about not being with him every moment. But I felt completely confident about my son being in Elaheh’s super capable loving hands and know that it made me a better mom during the days to my newborn and toddler. We would recommend Elaheh happily!

Jessica from Toronto

Jessica was always on time and extremely flexible which really helped us while we were struggling through the newborn stage. She is very knowledgeable and helped provide us with a lot of advice on how to take care of our baby. She is kind and loving. I always felt that my baby was in capable hands while I drifted to sleep after an extremely LONG day!

Pia from Vancouver, BC

Michelle was very easy going and fit well into our family for the period of time she was with us. She gave us a lot of confidence as new parents as she answered many questions and showed us how to do a lot of different things. We appreciated the opportunity to work with Michelle and would work with her in the future.

We feel very fortunate to have found the New Mummy Company and for all the help they provided. As first time parents the support, professionalize and attentiveness was more than we expected. We would recommend and work with Maria, Neil and the NMC in the future!

Meredith & Lance (Toronto)

Elaheh was caring, kind and above all wanted to help support us however we needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her with the highest possible praise. She was absolutely wonderful.

The Cialone Family from King City, ON.

I absolutely loved Nadine! She was very approachable, considerate, and friendly, someone that I loved talking to. I felt comfortable asking her questions about my son’s potty-training. I also felt confident that Nadine was providing the best answers to all of the questions asked. I loved having Nadine available through email at any time, it was very convenient, a definite plus!

Nadine was a wonderful person to speak with; she provided assistance at all times in regards to my son’s potty-training. She was confident, friendly, and knowledgeable; definitely someone with all of the traits that I loved having in a guide! Would highly-recommend Nadine for all of your potty-training needs, she was amazing!

Maria from Toronto