Infant Sleep Coaching Services

Personalized Sleep Consultancy

When you bring home that bundle of joy from the hospital unfortunately, there is no instruction manual and at the same time you will be bombarded with advice from well-meaning family & friends. That’s not to say this advice is wrong – it’s just that sometimes what is good for one baby may not work for another. Maria and her team at The New Mummy Company have the experience of dealing with thousands of babies and can help answer all the questions you may have.

Working with Louise our sleep coach we will offer you a personalized sleep consultancy plan. This will offer you a comprehensive sleep solution, educate you on your baby’s sleep needs, help you to establish an appropriate bedtime routine by allowing us to coach and advise you on the best method and routine for your baby, family and lifestyle.

We loved Louise! She was very caring and kind and truly helped us find a gentle method that would work for our family. We are so grateful to her. You can tell that she is passionate about her work and really cares about her clients. Not only did she help us make a sleep plan but she also helped us with meals and an overall schedule. I highly recommend Louise. I loved how easy it was to contact Louise even for just a quick chat for a question, I also really liked the detailed plan and options. –  The Little Family from Brantford.

Louise was great at helping us transition our daughter from being a cat napper to a baby that slept for 2 hours during the day. She also helped us when our daughter was going through her 4 month sleep regression and gave us the confidence to help her through this time with minimal crying. She made us feel confident with what we were doing so we could continue at a great pace to teach our daughter her sleep cycles and how to sleep through the night. We will forever be grateful for our extra sleep! Thank you. – The Marchioni Family from Oakville.

Baby Sleep Training Consultants

Tailored Sleep Plans To Match Your Schedule & Lifestyle

Sleep coaching sounds like a harsh term but it doesn’t have to be. There are various techniques that are suitable depending on the age of your child. Firstly sleep coaching cannot be attempted on babies less than 4 months of age, during that period The New Mummy Company can assist with positive sleep habits and sleep associations. If your baby is younger than 4 months a Night Nanny may be another option for respite to sleepless nights. Our sleep techniques have been tried and tested over the years and have worked for hundreds of happy families who are no longer sleep deprived.

Our Sleep Coaching Program at The New Mummy Company is completely customized to your individual situation as there is no book or off-the-shelf sleep plan that will match your baby’s needs, your schedule and your lifestyle exactly. This is why we get to the root cause of a sleeping issue by discussing your specific situation and providing you with a plan which you are comfortable implementing. We work with you to choose the method we will use to get your baby sleeping as you would like.

A Gentle Sleep Coaching Option

• Are you woken multiple times per night by one or more children?
• Are you exhausted after spending hours rocking, wearing, or cuddling your baby to sleep?
• Has bedtime become a battle of wills that takes hours?
• Are naps non existent?
• Is your child taking up more space in your bed than you are?
• Are you aware that your child is sleep deprived but are unsure as to how to fix the problem?

As a first time mum with a million and one questions; it was amazing to have Louise by our side to create a sleep plan for our baby girl. She provided ongoing support which gave us a lot of confidence and ultimately helped our baby girl develop a healthy sleep routine! Highly recommended. Karianne from Toronto!

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Did you know that there are options other than “Cry it Out” and “Wait it Out” that can drastically improve your baby’s sleep? It is true that the “CIO” method and the starker extinction methods can work well and a bit faster than gentler methods, but only if you as the parent can follow through consistently and for long enough.

Our goal is to have as little crying as possible. Encouraging parents to be loving and responsive, but also allow the child the room to learn this vital life skill of putting themselves to sleep. The parent should respond and stay with their child and offer physical and verbal reassurance without putting the child to sleep. This method supports the development of a secure attachment between parent and child.

Louise will work with you to create an individualized, step-by-step sleep plan that will factor in your own parenting philosophy; your child’s age, health and temperament; your well-being; and your family dynamics. Most importantly, she will support and coach you through the process from beginning to end for night sleep and the oh so important daytime naps!

Premium Sleep Package (Our most popular package).

Included in your Premium Package: ($550)

  • Detailed History Assessment
  • 90 minute Consultation via Telephone or Zoom
  • Individualised Sleep Plan
  • Up to 3 hours of follow-up via phone
  • 14 follow up emails
  • All phone and email follow on calls must be used within one month of your start date. This is to ensure you get the most value from the sleep package.

Basic Sleep Package.

Included in your Basic Package: ($400)

  • Detailed History Assessment
  • 90 minute Consultation via Telephone or Zoom
  • Individualised Sleep Plan
  • Up to 1.5 hours (90mins) of follow-up via phone
  • 7 follow emails
  • All phone and email follow on calls must be used within one month of your start date. This is to ensure you get the most value from the sleep package.

Please note that these two options are not in home sleep training. The above options are for remote support. Please contact us for availability on in home sleep training services and associated fees. 

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We require you to return your sleep history form 48 hours in advance of your sleep consultation.

‘Louise saved my life! I was struggling so hard with having my daughter sleep more than an hour or two straight. I couldn’t function while raising my Toddler and taking care of my infant. Louise helped create a routine and a safe space to help my daughter sleep (and me). I can’t thank her enough!’ Anastasia from Ontario

We appreciate that you may have some apprehensions or concerns about sleep training and we are here to help you work through those. We are delighted to offer you a free 15 minute telephone consultation with our sleep trainer Louise so that you can ensure we are the perfect fit for you before purchasing a sleep package.

Once you are ready to tackle your sleep issues, we are here to work with you by implementing an individualized sleep plan specific to you and your family. Call us today on 1-844-237-4686 to find our more or book your free no obligation 15 minute consultation immediately by clicking on the link above.

Baby Sleep Help

“We are so happy we were put in touch with Maria from The New Mummy Company.  Our family was exhausted and unhappy after 2 months of sleepless nights.  We were so unsure of what to do.  Maria helped us understand our options and tailored a plan for our needs that we were comfortable with.  We felt support the whole way through.  Maria made sure that we understood the process and the science behind sleep training, all the while keeping our baby’s best interest at heart.  We are a new family now!”
– The Tocker family, Toronto. 


Newborn Sleep Training

“Maria came into our house and she was so easy to talk to and completely helped transform our little guys sleep routine. She made me feel like I could get through sleep training no matter what and always instilled confidence in me. Her approach is kind yet firm and she seriously knows what she is talking about! Now our 6 month old, Gray, not only sleeps through the night (12 hours, seriously) but he also naps twice a day and is also a much happier baby. We have taken everything Maria has given us and use it everyday and night and any time that we find ourselves where we need to go back to the beginning, we always remember everything she told us and repeat it and get Gray back to where he was. It works every time! She is also there to help you and to listen to you. Amazing!’
– Sara Kay (first time mom) Casting Director, Lewis Kay Casting, Toronto