Covid-19 Response

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We appreciate and expect that you will have questions regarding Covid-19 while having us in your home to care for you and your baby. We hope that some of the following information will allay some of those concerns that you may have. We welcome any further questions that you may have at any time.

We appreciate all of your support and patience as we continue to navigate our way through this unprecedented time. Now that we have reached stage 2 of reopening our province we are aware that some restrictions have been loosened but we remain vigilant and aware of how we can play our part in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Here at The New Mummy Company we have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and working tirelessly to serve the needs of clients, partners and team. We are all quickly adapting to the new way of life as we all pull together to curtail this outbreak. In response to this virus, we’ve implemented updated best practices for our team in their workplace to help ensure the health and safety of you our clients, your babies and our team.

We took the decision March 12th to have our office team work from home and we were incredibly grateful to have the technology in place to allow us to do without any delay or impact to our customer service. We are sad that we are not in our office together right now but we hope that in the not too distant future that we will be back together once again. Until then we strive to offer you the best possible service while we work from home.
We have been in regular contact with our team throughout the pandemic. We are in regular contact with our night nannies as their safety is of utmost importance to us. Many of our services are available remotely via Zoom so please let us know if you would like more information on breastfeeding support, nutrition consultancy, prenatal education classes, CPR etc.

Firstly we will ask you, our clients if you or any members of your household have recently travelled, if you have any symptoms or if you have been exposed to the virus? Please let us know so that we can ensure the safety of our team to ensure that you are all well before our team enters your home.

We moved our interviews to Zoom video calls as soon as social distancing was recommended so that you can safely interview just as many night/newborn nannies as you wish with no risk or obligation to you. We will continue with Zoom interviews for the foreseeable future.

Our team have been advised of the following measures:

• Wear a mask when working in family home. Wear the mask at all times when with any family members including the baby.
• Wear a mask when social distancing is not possible such as at the grocery store.
• Launder uniforms daily, including laundering your uniform as soon as you get home. If you are using a reusable mask it should also be laundered daily.
• Night Nannies can only work with a maximum 2 families maximum per week/per contract.
• Shower and then change into a clean uniform just as you leave for work or just as your arrive at the clients home (based on client preference).
• Practice meticulous hand hygiene – short, clean nails, using a nail brush to wash your engagement/wedding rings to ensure that all areas of your hands are cleaned.
• Practise physical distancing when/if you have to go to the grocery store but minimise these visits and order online grocery delivery where possible.
• Avoid the use of public transit where possible to travel to a client’s home or when running errands, consider walking, biking instead.
• Maintain social distancing at home and follow provincial guidelines on the numbers of social gathering limits (currently up to 10 people in Ontario).
• Communicate all travel, exposure to those that have recently travelled or those that have symptoms or are diagnosed with the virus.
• Avoid touching your face with your hands.
• Cough into your elbow or a tissue and dispose immediately and wash your hands immediately following.
• Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
• Use sanitizer when it’s not possible to wash your hands such as in the car but wash your hands as soon as it’s possible to do so.
• Sanitise regularly and thoroughly high touch areas such as door handles, phones, computer keyboards, remote controls, car steering wheel, bathroom taps, toilets, kitchen counter tops etc.
• Consider using paper towel as a disposable option when drying your hands if a hand dryer isn’t available. If a regular towel is being used, ensure its laundered daily.
• Take extra precautions in washing and sterilising baby feeding equipment.
• Follow parent requests – such as wearing gloves when requested to do so (clients are kindly asked to provide any extra protective equipment you deem necessary).
• Wash hands upon arrival at the client home, before completing any baby related task or assisting the parents and again as soon as you get home.
• Our team have been requested to minimise their workload at this time. Get tested if you are worried that you have been exposed to Covid-19 or if you think you have any symptoms.

Clients can request NMCO or discuss the following at interview with candidates.

• Ask us to request your night nanny to be exclusive to you for the duration of your booking by requesting her to work for the max number of nights she is available per week. Many are available to work full time so you can ensure your night nanny is exclusive to you by booking her for all the nights/days that she is available per week.
• Ask for us to notify our team about your preference for our night nannies to work only with one family only at this time (this will reduce the availability we have to offer you but discuss with all candidates what nights can be agreed upon to secure her for your family exclusively so she is not working elsewhere).
• Families can request that the night nanny does not take public transit to work – if required the family can cover the added costs of private transport such as taxi or Uber if this helps allay concerns.
• Families can have their night nanny wear a mask in their home while she is in any proximity to any family members.
• We kindly ask families to reduce the number of guests and overnight visitors to your home while we remain in stage 2 for the safety of you, your family and our team.
• Please provide your night nanny with a hand towel in the washroom that will be for her exclusive use if disposable paper towel is not available.
• Ensure that you have plentiful access to hand soap and dish soap for all handwashing and baby feeding equipment to be washed thoroughly and regularly.
• Wear a mask when in close proximity to your night nanny and wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water
• Utilise the interview process over Zoom to discuss your concerns with our night nannies so that you can see for yourself how a professional will care for your baby.
• We have always used the continuity of care approach in our services and we continue with this now. You chose the nanny you chose the work with and that is the person that comes to your home each and every day/night. There will never be different people in your home, this was always important to us but now it’s even more important to you in the times we find ourselves in.

Looking Ahead:
The COVID-19 situation remains fluid, and we are committed to helping you manage through this difficult time in whatever way we can. We have been providing professional home based care for many years and throughout this time babies will continue to be born so we want you to know that we are here to provide the same help we have become so well known for. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box when we need to, to come up with solutions to situations we could not foresee. We will continue to monitor and respond to provincial, federal and local health authorities to protect our employees and team to allow us to serve our clients with minimal (if any) disruption. Now more than ever, all of us are committed to keeping you’re your family healthy, providing the support you need and giving you peace of mind. We will get through this.

Maria Robertson | CEO & Founder