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    ‘Parent to Be’ Training Courses

    Parent to be courses:
    You wouldn’t dream of attempting to run a marathon without months of rigorous training and the right running shoes, would you? Well, I know you are saying no! It’s common sense.  As we all know preparation is key to anything we attempt in life. Parenting is no different.

    The more prepared you are for your little one’s arrival, the more confident and relaxed you will be. In turn, your precious initial few weeks will be less stressful, as you will be confident in your ability to care for your baby. Babies can pick up on your anxiety, stress and worry, so prevent this from happening by being as prepared as you can for their arrival in all aspects of their care.


    Courses can be run in groups, if there is a group in one area who would like to have a course run for them. It would be my pleasure to arrange this for any group of four women or more. Ideally there are no more than 10 pregnant women on any group course so that we can still cater for your individual needs.

    Most courses are run privately in the surroundings of your own home, as this is where you will be caring for your baby. We will cover the topics that you feel are most important to you. Usually this is feeding, burping, bathing, dressing and sleeping. We will use any equipment you have already purchased so that you are familiar with how to use it.

    You can invite any relatives that will be caring for the baby free of charge to attend. The amount of time required is dependant on the amount number of topics you want to cover as we tailor-make each course for you but I would suggest a minimum of four hours to cover just the basics.

    If you have additional topics you want to cover, I can advise on the length of time required. We can split the course over two or more days if required.  We will cover any topic you are interested in, in a fun, informative and confidence boosting session. These classes are offered as an addition to your traditional prenatal class.

    Topics that can be covered include: but are not limited to:

    • Breastfeeding.
    • Formula Bottle feeding and preparation.
    • Burping.
    • Use of breast pumps.
    • Washing and sterilising feeding and pumping equipment.
    • Bathing.
    • Dressing.
    • Swaddling.
    • Safe Sleep.
    • Diapering.
    • Baby Sleep.

    "Maria made the early weeks of having a baby an absolutely blissful time. She managed to get our girl sleeping through the night from five weeks – nothing short of a miracle!"
    Lisa Byrne, Editor-in-Chief, OK! Magazine UK.