Newborn Sleep Coaching Services

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Personalized Sleep Consultancy

When you bring home that bundle of joy from the hospital unfortunately, there is no instruction manual and at the same time you will be bombarded with advice from well-meaning family & friends. That’s not to say this advice is wrong – it’s just that sometimes what is good for one baby may not work for another. Maria and The New Mummy Company have the experience of dealing with hundreds of babies and can help answer all the questions you may have.

We offer a unique personalized sleep consultancy which includes home visits where required. We are then able to walk through the bedtime schedule allowing us to coach and advise on the routine and answer questions as we both walk through the sleep routine.

Baby Sleep Training Consultants

‘Maria came into our house and she was so easy to talk to and completely helped transform our little guys sleep routine. She made me feel like I could get through sleep training no matter what and always instilled confidence in me. Her approach is kind yet firm and she seriously knows what she is talking about! Now our 6 month old, Gray, not only sleeps through the night (12 hours, seriously) but he also naps twice a day and is also a much happier baby. We have taken everything Maria has given us and use it everyday and night and any time that we find ourselves where we need to go back to the beginning, we always remember everything she told us and repeat it and get Gray back to where he was. It works every time! She is also there to help you and to listen to you. Amazing!’
– Sara Kay (first time mom) Casting Director, Lewis Kay Casting, Toronto.

Tailored Sleep Plans To Match Your Schedule & Lifestyle

Sleep coaching sounds like a harsh term but it doesn’t have to be. There are various techniques that are suitable depending on the age of your child. Firstly sleep coaching cannot be attempted on babies less than 4 months of age, during that period The New Mummy Company can assist with positive sleep habits and sleep associations. If your baby is younger than 4 months a Night Nanny may be another option for respite to sleepless nights. Our sleep techniques have been tried and tested over the years and have worked for hundreds of happy families who are no longer sleep deprived.

Our Sleep Coaching Program at The New Mummy Company is completely customized to your individual situation as there is no book or off-the-shelf sleep plan that will match your baby’s needs, your schedule and your lifestyle exactly. This is why we get to the root cause of a sleeping issue by discussing your specific situation and providing you with a plan which you are comfortable implementing. We allow YOU to choose the method we will use to get your baby sleeping as you would like.

Infant Sleep Education Class

This class will help you be informed about Infant Sleep facts before baby is even here! We use evidence based research to dispel all the myths around Infant Sleep so that you can trust your parenting instincts. You will learn what are normal Infant Sleep patterns, all about schedules and routines, attachment theory, calming techniques and how to navigate the sweet spots and tricky times in your babies formative years. Most importantly you will discover how to set up bedtime as a peaceful and enjoyable experience for your baby, creating positive sleep patterns for years to come. By establishing realistic expectations and getting the facts now, you will be avoiding unnecessary guilt and confusing advice later. Give yourself and your baby the gift of sweeter sleep today.

*Class time is 2-2.5 hours and can be customizable to fit your family’s needs. Although ideal prenatally, this course can also be suitable for postpartum

2-2.5 Hour In Home and Online Consultations

Are you struggling with a baby who just doesn’t seem to sleep?

Have you been told to let your baby “cry it out?” Are you spending hours trying to get your baby to sleep and seeing no success? Are you missing having time for yourself, your partner or your other children?

You have come to the right place! Our private consultations are led by a Certified Infant Sleep Educator who  takes a holistic and gentle approach to sleep to find the root cause of awakenings, late bed times, nap strikes and other common sleep issues parents face. Based on the belief that sleep is a developmental milestone like crawling or walking, we will help you create solutions that work for your unique baby and family – without the tears. You will receive the tools to navigate the many stages and phases of parenting your baby to sleep and will be able to regain balance and trust in your parenting abilities.

*Consults are available in your home, online or over the phone. They include a family interview and coaching session, customized sleep strategy package, wellness assessment for the primary caregiver, one 30 minute follow up call and two weeks of unlimited e-mail support.

One hour e-consults:

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about infant sleep? Led by a Certified Infant Sleep Educator, we offer one hour e-consults online or over the phone that help you address some common concerns parents face. Often, we get wrapped up in other people’s expectations. This consult will leave you feeling empowered by sound knowledge and stepping stones to help you and your family get your sleep back on track.

*E-consults are one hour and include notes of the session e-mailed to the primary caregiver and one week of e-mail support.

Are you running on empty after months of disrupted nights?

Are you wondering when/how/if your baby will ever sleep for more than a couple of hours?

Do you co-sleep but want your bed and life back?

Does your baby sleep in your bed in place of your partner?

Do you want a night’s sleep with everyone in their rightful bed?

These concerns are shared by many and are far more common than you may believe. Once you are ready to tackle these issues, we are here to work with you by implementing a customized sleep plan specific to you and your family. Call us today on 1-844-237-4686 to book your free no obligation 15 minute consultation.

Baby Sleep Help

“We are so happy we were put in touch with Maria from the new mummy company.  Our family was exhausted and unhappy after 2 months of sleepless nights.  We were so unsure of what to do.  Maria helped us understand our options and tailored a plan for our needs that we were comfortable with.  We felt support the whole way through.  Maria made sure that we understood the process and the science behind sleep training, all the while keeping our baby’s best interest at heart.  We are a new family now!”
– The Tocker family, Toronto. 


Home Visits To Support Your Sleep Journey

As part of our assessment which can be done in your home or over the phone, sleep hygiene, sleep coaching, sleep environment and sleep cues are all taken into consideration in order to get to the root cause of the problem. We will work with you in gathering a full history so that we may ascertain how, when and why the sleep problem began. Together we will find a way of correcting your child sleep problem, improving you and your baby’s quality of life.

We have developed a standard list of questions relating to your child’s sleep, routine, eating and overall well-being to allow us to establish the type of sleep issues you are experiencing and most importantly why!

Once you have settled on the method you’d prefer to use (again, you chose the method you are comfortable with, nothing is forced upon you) we will then create a customized sleep coaching plan for you. Each plan details what you can expect and how to deal with each situation as it arises depending on your specific circumstances.

In some cases we will add in home visits to support you and your baby with the changes in routine, The home visits will allow us to answer queries and provide advice real time as follow the bedtime routine.

We realize you may be nervous or apprehensive about sleep coaching and we promise we will support you on this journey. It can take time but with hard work and by following our plans we have witnessed a quick turnaround in even the most severe sleep cases.

Newborn Sleep Training

“The advice and baby sleeping tips you provided drastically improved our quality of sleep, thus consequently improving many aspects of our lives. As soon my wife talked to you she felt at ease and comfortable. Your instructions were practical and easy to follow. Results were immediate. We managed to set regular sleeping habits on the 3rd night. Not only did the baby start sleeping longer without waking, we were also getting longer and deeper sleeps”
– Andrei and Danielle.